Slow Mornings and Changing Seasons (Friday Favorites 9/23)

Oh hey there and happy Friday! I am so glad we’ve made it to the weekend and can’t wait to kick off the weekend festivities! We have a good mixture of relaxation and activity planned for Saturday and Sunday, involving time with family, a work meeting, church, and relaxing at home. Oh, and we have our date night (+ Benaiah 😉) planned for tonight. 

Mmmm’k, onto the favorites of the week

The Changing Seasons

There is something about the changing leaves and the crisp fall air that makes me feel so alive. I’m so excited to introduce Benaiah to all of these firsts (and yes, I’m already planning out our family Christmas traditions!) 


Baby clothes >>> so adorable. It’s a good thing Benaiah had a lot of outfits, we go through a couple a day 😉 

Daily Walks 

Since I have a couple more weeks until I can start running again, Benaiah and I have been enjoying daily walks in order to get some form of exercise in. Plus, he loves the stroller and I love the fresh air. As much as I miss running, walking is a great form of exercise too and slowing down enables me to see things I wouldn’t normally notice- like the above flowers. Aren’t they beautiful? 

Slow Mornings 

Mornings around here are a mixture of chaotic and slow moving. Nursing Benaiah forces me to slow down and snuggle him in bed, which I love. Normally, I would never spend hours in bed, but these past three weeks are an exception. My morning “routine” lately?

  • Make Landon breakfast, send him to work
  • Get coffee before Benaiah wakes up (or at least, that’s the goal)
  • Feed Benaiah once he wakes
  • After he’s done eating, burp and snuggle him
  • Blog with him snuggled up on my chest, while finishing my cup of coffee and think about getting a second cup.
  • Tip toe to the crib, put Benaiah down, and pray he won’t wake up until my smoothie is made. 
  • If he’s still sleeping, make my smoothie and have devotions 
  • Once Benaiah wakes, feed him 
  • And snuggle more in bed 

As you can tell, we spend a lot of time snuggling and I’m not even mad about it 😉 

Favorites from around the Web

  1.  Julie’s talking about creating a sleep sanctuary. I love this idea. 
  2. A sports bra that acts like a Garmin? Give me all the details! Thanks for sharing, Janae!
  3. Because we can’t get enough pumpkin, pumpkin spice latte breakfast smoothie? Yes please.

That’s it for today, time to make my smoothie and spend more time snuggling in bed. 

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a fabulous start to the weekend. 

Questions of the Day

  1. Do you have any Friday night plans?!
  2. What is your favorite season?
  3. What is your usual morning routine?