Since We Last Hungout 

Good morning and happy Friday!! I am so excited it’s finally the weekend and even more excited that our weekend is pretty low key.  I love fun filled, packed weekends, but I’ve been so drained this week that a relaxing weekend is just what I need. 

Before the weekend starts, I thought I would catch you all up with my daily life, since you all are dying to know. 😉 

Since we last hung out…

I made the most delicious concoction. Try it and thank me later. *Recipe* 2% plain Greek yogurt, lime juice, stevia. Tastes just like key lime pie yogurt but it’s without all the sugar! Score. 

A little later yesterday, I headed out to my inlaws and worked in my  garden. Notice all the weeds. 

About one hour, (or a little more)  and a couple dirty hands and knees  later it looked much better! Shout out to my sister in law Kayli for helping.

Kayli and I rewarded ourselves with pool time. (Much deserved.) 

Other than gardening, I’ve been noticing baby T is on a major growth spurt. 

Check out that bump!  It may not look huge to you, but to me the bump seems massive. 

Landon and I also hosted a Bible study last night. Complete with deep discussions, friends, and popcorn.

The popcorn was demolished. 

This morning, I ran (although honestly, I would have rather slept.) Even though I was tired, I feel good about having the run finished and I am looking forward to making a protein smoothie.  

Speaking of a smoothie, I think that is what I will go make now. 

Catch you all later today with a *Recipe!*

Questions of the Day:

  1. What are your weekend plans? 
  2. Name three things you did yesterday!
  3. Yogurt fan? Yay or nay?