Scenes from the Weekend

Hello friends! Landon and I are still on vacation, but I wanted to stop in and update you all on what happened this weekend.

Saturday morning, Landon and I ran three miles, had devotions, breakfast, and quickly left for our friends wedding.

(Oh, get this:) The night before, at the rehearsal dinner, I met three other Bethany’s. Naturally, we took a picture.

Saturday’s wedding was beautiful and so Christ centered. I loved each and every second of it.

Fun fact: the guy behind us in the picture above? Name: Britton Felber, the photographer. He photographed Nancy Leigh Demoss’ wedding and Jessa Duggars wedding! Landon is friends with him, which makes me feel famous. 😉 


She was a gorgeous bride.   

After they left, Landon and I drove back to our hotel, got some dinner and headed to bed.

Sunday started off with church and a trip to chipotle for lunch. 

I don’t know why, but I had never had Chipolte until this trip?! Where has this been all my life? 

After picking up picnic supplies, Landon and I went to the beach, had a picnic, and watched the sunset. 

Our Creator’s handiwork is breathtaking. 

That’s all for now. See you tomorrow for bump date: week 21! 

Your Turn to Share:

1. Do you love the beach? 

2. Yeah or nay for Chipolte? 

3. Anyone watching the Boston Marathon today? (Side note: I did and it was amazing!)