Running Tips for Beginners 



Well, hello there friends!

This week I’ve been fighting/ recovering from a cold and stayed away from running in the cold weather. I’ve had pneumonia once and can get it really easy. No fun.

You know you are a runner though when you are dying to run. Since I’ve run a lot less this week than I planned on, it has given me time to think about how much running has impacted my life. 

Once upon a time, Bethany Houston (at the time) didn’t like to run, in fact, I despised it. Slowly, but surely, I grew to love the sport and love the challenges it brings. 

I wanted to write up a post for anyone who wants to be a “runner” and doesn’t know how to start, what (realistic) goals to set, and what to look forward to! 

In no way am I saying that I am an expert. In fact, the more I run, the more I realize I have so much more to learn. 

However, I would like to share the things I’ve learned, so you don’t have to learn the hard way, like I’ve had to (in some case.) 

 First off: Since summer is coming, let’s talk about staying cool. And by cool, I mean not dying of heat exhaustion. 😉 

1. Wear light colored clothing. I like tank tops or t-shirts in the summer and shorts. Always shorts.

2. Hydrate well (especially before!) Make sure to get enough water (not just coffee) in before a run.

3. Shade! Run in the shade as much as possible. You’ll thank me later.

4. Run early. Beat the heat!

5. Put ice cubes down your shirt. I have yet to try this.

6. Jump in a pool after a long run. It really is the best feeling in the entire world.

The next tips are my general running tips, enjoy! 

1. Stretch- it’s amazing how much this prevents injuries. 

2. Hydration and pre-run meals – I always drink a good amount of water (and coffee) before I run and I always eat a light “breakfast” before I go. I run in the am so I like to get my metabolism going. I also always eat about 1-1.5 hours before. 

3. Steady pace – it’s really hard to keep a steady pace when running outside but extremely important.


4. Vary surfaces- don’t ever just train on one surface (I.e. Treadmill). Go for trails, hills, track, pavement and treadmill.

5. Crosstrain- remember to build muscles (especially core). You’ll run faster.



6. Rest – take rest days (usually 1-2) per week (but I would start with more when you first start again) these days help your muscles repair and recover. Also listen to your body if you are extra sore. 

7. Ice 

8. Eat to fuel. Eat foods that will help your runs. The best ones that work for me are: bananas, nutbutters, oats, yogurt, veggies, whey protein, sweet potatoes, hummus, chicken, fish. (These are different for everyone though. Experiment and see what works best for you. But, DON’T experiment on race day. Bad idea.) 


9. Treat yourself. Running takes a lot out of you! Remember to treat yourself to a lazy day, frozen yogurt, or whatever else. Not treating can lead to binging. 


10. Get your zzzz. I cannot stress how important it is to get at least 7 hours a night. You’ll run a lot better. 

11. Please, please do yourself a favor and buy a foam roller!  So helpful. 


12. Don’t be discouraged about your pace or distance. (I need to constantly re-learn this lesson!) distance and speed will grow if you are consistently running. 

13. This isn’t necessary to start out, but my favorite running accessory is my watch (thanks mom and dad!) So helpful during specific training. 

14. Grab a running buddy! 

I’ve found they are so helpful and fun to run with. Shout out to Landon, he’s a great running partner. Thanks honey! 

15. Sign up for a race that you are able to realistically run! 5ks are great starter races. You can train for them in a short period of time. Plus, you normally get a free t-shirt. How could you not want to run on now? 😉 



16. Lastly, just enjoy the process! Running is a very forgiving sport. You will gain (and most likely) lose running fitness, you wil be crushing PRs (personal records) and some days, you will be so far behind you will wonder how you ever nailed that time. In those times, remember stay constitent, eat well, don’t restrict treats, sleep, ice, stretch, hydrate, set goals, sign up for a race, and enjoy the process. 

If anyone is wanting more (free) tips that are specific to you, I’d love to help coach you along in your running/health journey! 

Send me an email in my “contact me” page. 

Happy running!