Running, Makeup, and Benaiah’s Smoothie Obsession: Friday Favorites

Hello friends and welcome to the weekend! Can you believe this week is already almost over? Between sister sleepovers and busy week nights our week flew by. But a fast paced week leading up to a slow paced weekend has me feeling all the feels. I mean, what’s not to love about slow fall mornings and literally no plans on the agenda. Yet, of course. 😉 I am hoping to take advantage of our local Farmer’s Market and snag some delicious farm fresh produce before the market closes the end of this month. Aside from a long run, a farmer’s market stop, and most likely a soccer game on Saturday morning, the rest of our weekend will probably be pretty low key.

I hope you have some fun weekend plans! Now, let’s get onto some Friday Favorites!


Beauty Counter Products

Recently, my cousin Janelle (who has the most adorable little girl and gorgeous Instagram) just started her own business with Beauty Counter! She sent me some product samples and I was immediately impressed! It was such perfect timing because this year, I’ve been hoping to buy some more natural/organic makeup for my skin care routine. I am mindful about what I eat and realized recently, that I haven’t been mindful of what I put on my face! After looking through their products, I purchased a full set of their make up and now, can safely say, I LOVE IT. Not only is it making my skin feel healthier, but it looks gorgeous too and feels good. Thanks, Janelle! (PS. This is not a sponsored post and no affiliate links were used. Just a new found find to me!)


Benaiah’s Smoothie Obsession

Recently, anytime Landon or I make a smoothie, Benaiah squeals in delight, obviously assuming he is going to get a serving of our favorite breakfast beverage too. Since he is so passionate about our protein shakes, I’ve been making him his own breakfast shake with almond milk, a banana, a little protein powder, lots of spinach, and a little peanut butter. Thursday morning, I made an entire Niah sized cup worth of green smoothie and he drank it all within 5 minutes. I am totally okay with this, since he is getting a large servings of veggies in right away in the morning! Win, win!

thursday run

Running after a little break

Post-marathon running has been good to me, except my right hip flexor has been flaring up here and there. I took four days off running and finally tested out a run yesterday morning. I kept the pace easy and ran a quick five mile stroller run. It’s amazing how much I miss running when I take a break and how good it feels to get back into the groove. Unfortunately my hip flexor was still a little sore, so we will see what the next couple weeks of running look like from here on out.


Almond Milk Lattes

This past week I’ve had at least two almond milk lattes from our local coffee shop (I love supporting local businesses!) no judgement! With the cooler temperatures, I find myself craving warm, comforting food and drinks and this latte fits the bill! I normally, don’t love warmed almond milk but for whatever reason, I like it is this latte.


Dad’s Photobomb

I think my dad wins the award for the best photobomb yet. This picture made me laugh and definitely brightened up my week. Thanks for the laugh, dad.

Just in case you missed some posts this week:

I hope you guys have a fantastic Friday night and great upcoming weekend! Thank you for stopping by Lulu Runs today.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is going to be the best part of your weekend?
  2. Name one makeup product you can’t go without!
  3. Have you ever had hip flexor issues? Any tips on recovery?