Running and Celebrating (Weekend Recap 11/6)

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed catching up on that extra hour of sleep. I didn’t seem to notice it, but that’s most likely because Benaiah and I like to party through the night 😉 I don’t know about you guys, but our weekend seemed to go by in a blur. I even woke up Sunday morning thinking it was Monday. It was quite the nice surprise when I remembered what day is was actually.

Since this is a recap post, let begin back at Saturday morning.

Landon, Benaiah, and I kicked off the weekend with our Saturday morning tradition.


Soccer! Even though the sun was sunshine, the breeze was quite cool, which meant Benaiah and I ended up watching about a quarter of the game in the car.


Shortly after getting warmed up in the car, the game ended and we headed back home. Once we got home, I threw on my running clothes and went for a three mile run.


Normally running three miles wouldn’t be a big deal for me, but this run was the farthest I’ve run since having Benaiah. It was a great run with an average pace of 8:55/mile (my first mile at 8:34). It’s funny how after taking six weeks off postpartum three miles feels like ten. But progress is progress and I’m happy with mine so far.

I came home to my boys cheering me on, which made my day and run 100% better.


After getting cleaned up, we left to go to my grandma’s place to say goodbye to my cousin (she’s moving!) We had quite the party complete with three different kinds of soups, baked potatoes, corn muffins, and dessert.



It was such a blessing to catch up with my cousins and for Benaiah to meet his second cousins. A few of my cousins have kids that are close to Benaiah’s age (one of them is only a month or so apart from Niah!) it was great to catch up and I left with a full heart.


Since the time changed, we made it back decently early, which we celebrated with proyo and an episode of our current Netflix show. I fell asleep before we finished the episode, but Landon assured me it was a good one.


Sunday morning came all too quickly and I woke up thinking it was Monday. Thank goodness it wasn’t. Since I woke up with extra time on my hands, I whipped up some scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. Although i normally like something on the sweeter side for breakfast, this savory meal totally hit the spot.


We actually made it to church early (this mag be a record!) and I took a screenshot of the time to document the most glorious occasion.


After a great service, we left to head out to my in-law’s to celebrate my sister in law’s, Kayli’s, birthday.


We celebrated with collard greens and tacos (let’s be honest, I just had the collard greens/ can’t say no to those when they are around!) and a healthy peanut butter pie for dessert with some not to healthy ice cream on the side.

So good.


Benaiah enjoyed all the attention from his grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles. He even gave a few smiles to prove it.




Before leaving, we watched a movie that was made by one family with seven kids. The children were the actors and they made the set to fit the scale of the kids’ height. It was pretty hilarious and cute, I couldn’t handle the three-year old wearing a huge beard. #nightmade

Once we got home, I fed Benaiah quickly and crashed.

Looking back, this weekend was filled with lots of family time, no wonder why it was such a great couple of days. Life is beatiful.

Questions of the Day

  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Runners- what was your run this weekend? Any races?
  3. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?