Relaxing Weekends and Happy Birthday Dad! (Weekend Recap 8/22) 

Annd just like that, we are back to the daily grind. Why do the weekends go by so quickly?

Thankfully, Landon and I had a weekend that had a good balance between time spent with family and friends and some much needed relaxation with each other!

Saturday morning started off with a late brunch of lightened up French toast (haven’t made this in forever!) and it totally hit the spot.

Afterwards, we spent time working on projects around the house and we got our bouncer set up!

He’s such a big  help…thankfully, his mind is much more engineer like than mine.

After a light workout, we got ready to go to my in laws and celebrate the end of the summer with a pool party.

Oh and we snacked on a few of these protein bites 😉 these babies are addicting!

I didn’t get any pictures of the rest of the evening…but I can assure you, we had a great time!

Sunday morning, was a beautiful day- like 60 degrees beautiful! I couldn’t get over how great it felt outside. I’m so glad that it was nice out, because our church service was held outside.

After a gorgeous church and baptism service, Landon and I headed to my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday!!

Before dinner, my cousin (whose 31 weeks pregnant (!) ) came over to take bump pictures with me before this little comes.

I can’t get over how adorable her bump is! I’m still rocking the “bloated Chinese buffet look.” Joy.

We made to sure to celebrate dad’s birthday right with burgers, corn, pasta salad, and this gorgeous cake.

Props to mom for making this all from scratch! She’s the bomb.

The birthday boy and my lovely mom.

Dad quite enjoyed his burger and cake, but more than that, he enjoyed having the whole family together and even our friends came over too.

The whole gang! (Excuse my awkward hands…)

We were only missing my brother, whose in the Army and couldn’t get away.

My friend, Hope, made these delcious chocolate covered pretzels and brought them over to celebrate my dad’s birthday!

They didn’t last too long…

Happy birthday dad, we love you!

We celebrated late (okay 9:30…) into the night, came home, and crashed.

Well, I’m off to finish the rest of my morning duties. Catch you all later!

Questions of the Day

  1. How do you celebrate birthdays? 
  2. Favorite kind of cake? 
  3. What did your weekend look like?