Red Shoe Run 2015

For the past four three years, I’ve run the Red Shoe Run 5k. This race has a nice course, awesome atmosphere, and supports organ donation. It is amazing to hear so many different testimonials from people whose lives have been saved because someone was a match!

This year was special because my dad ran his very first 5k with me! I am so proud of him and thankful that he ran with me. He has never really run before, and in three weeks ran a 5k!

The only ‘bad’ part about this race is the time. 5:30 am on a Saturday is wwayyy to early…

I suppose that is all part of the experience though! Dad and I lined up about 5 minutes till race time and geared up for 3.15 miles. The Lord was so gracious in giving a beautiful day to run! It was 50 degrees and no wind! Could you ask for a better temperature?

After getting in line, we stretched out and took some pictures.

Thank you Abby, Emily, and Mom for the support and photography skills by the way!


At 8 am, the race started! Dad and I quickly lost track of each other, but I did catch him just about at the half way point. He gave me another high five, which helped push me on for the second half.

I don’t know about you guys, but I always find 5ks a tough race. Maybe it is because I am competitive with myself, or because I just like to run fast, but I like to sprint the race.

This race, I was a little concerned with how I would do. I woke up a couple days ago with a sore knee and tight calves. I don’t like injuries at all, but knowing that I had a race made me even more anxious with how my 5k would turn out. When I arrived, I decided to just run to have fun and run my hardest, without risking injury that would put me out of half-marathon training.

I am so humbled to say that the Lord heard my prayers, Landon’s and my friends and I ran with hardly any pain!

My time ended up at: 22:56. A little longer than I wanted, but I was satisfied with that! (Please notice the barefoot runner in the picture. CRAZY!)

finsih line

The result of not drinking enough water before a race:


That tasted great. Dad finished a little while after me. So proud of all his hard work! Run dad, run!

dad and daughter

After chugging some water, we headed to the award ceremony with quarters of bagels and bananas in hand.  I was surprised and excited to find out that I won first place in my age division!

35th overall/ 6th female/ 1st division /  20-24 Female/ 22:48.58 time/  7:21 pace


God is good and I am humbled! It was such a fun morning and I am so thankful to have spent it with my family.

Looking forward to next year. We are coming for you!