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I don’t know what it is, maybe my nosy curious personality, but I love knowing what other people eat, what their favorite foods are, and what a typical meal for them, is. Since I love knowing what other people eat, I figured at least someone out there is like me and would enjoying reading a few of my recent, favorite eats. Not every meal I eat is stellar or delicious (sometimes, I have meals that just taste ‘meh,’) however every now and then there are moments where I bite into something and think, “Woah. I’ve got to have this at least three times this week.” These meals are some of those meals…


I know that I am a health food/fitness/ lifestyle blogger, but that DOES NOT MEAN I do not enjoy treats, like ice cream. Which is my all time favorite, dessert. But ice cream is even better with homemade chocolate syrup (which I discovered last week.) I recently made a small batch of my homemade chocolate fudge (simple recipe: coconut oil + honey + cocoa powder) but instead of chilling it in the fridge to make a fudge like texture, we drizzled it over our ice cream. The chocolate ended up freezing immediately and left a shell like coating of delicious chocolate. UM YES. I’ve been thinking about this bowl of ice cream for the past 6.5 days and I can’t wait to have the next serving.


Another current favorite? Buckwheat anything and everything. Especially in waffle form. A little pure maple syrup + coconut oil/butter makes these weekend perfection.


A couple weeks ago, I made these delicious veggie burgers and they turned out FAB. The bun was homemade too (which I ended up eating half of.) Sometimes, too much bun drowns out the veggie burger flavor, in my opinion. Thankfully, the veggie burger was flavorful and ‘juicy,’ < can I use that word to describe a veggie burger? enough to eat on it’s own and hit the spot!


No, not eggs. AVOCADO. I will have it on all things. Even Benaiah has been getting into guacamole and he loves dipping his chips into it. SO PRECIOUS.

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I’ve always enjoyed salads, but never craved them until I started adding tons of toppings. It’s amazing what a little bit of chicken + sunflower seeds + feta cheese + shredded carrot + beets can do for a simple bed of lettuce. Yes and yes.

I hope these meals inspire you and get you into the kitchen!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is your current, favorite food?
  2. What was the last meal you ate?
  3. Avocados – yes or no?

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