Pumpkin Patches, Pancakes, and Pizza (Weekend Recap 10/16)

I think I should have taken advantage of the weekend and slept in a little, because this morning was a challenge to get out of bed.

Thank goodness for coffee. Can I get an amen? 

I’m pretty convinced that weekends should be at least three days long, because they always go too quickly.

Our whirlwind of a weekend began with a spoon full of peanut butter and an early morning soccer game. Make that a cold, early morning soccer game. 

As much as I am loving the fall, I’m not crazy about the wet, cold mornings. 

Benaiah didn’t seem to mind. We made it through most of the game before Benaiah was ready to eat and I was ready to warm up. Thank goodness for cars with heat.On the way home, I decided to whip up an experimental batch of protein pancakes, for brunch.

They did not disappoint. Keep an eye out for the recipe later this week!

A couple hours later, we made plans to head to a pumpkin patch. 


It must have been the day everyone decided to go, because it was packed. 


Benaiah seemed to enjoy all the noises and people, while Landon and I enjoyed the free pie samples. (No shame.)  


We came back home with a pumpkin, some mini gourds, and hungry stomachs. We decided to solve our hunger problem by keeping it simple and ordering a pizza in. Not the healthiest dinner ever, but definitely tasty. It’s all about balance. 

Sunday morning came all too soon, which may have had something to do with the time we spent watching our new favorite show… 😉

We made it to church (pretty much on time, win!) and attended a meeting afterwards.

Once the meeting was finished, Landon, Benaiah, and I left to head to my parents for dinner. 


Aunt Emmy and Benaiah were matching/ I think they totally planned it. 😉 


My grandma came over to see Benaiah too, he was enthralled with her. 


And of course, my parents got lots of snuggles in too.

And that brings us back to today. Even though today is Monday, let’s make it beautiful, shall we? 

I hope your weekend was fantastic and your Monday will be too! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did you do this weekend? 
  2. Have you gone to a pumpkin patch yet? 
  3. What’s your favorite fall activities?