Protein + Did I Eat Rice All Day? (WIAW 9/27)

Happy middle of the week friends! Life with a newborn means that even though the days are not too full (except feeding, burping, and diaper changing) the week goes quickly, which is fine with me. Well, mostly fine, since with each passing week Benaiah is growing, gaining weight, and losing that newborn look. Let’s just take a moment to shed a few much needed tears. 

Mmm’k, we are better. So, yesterday looked a lot like this. Snuggle time – all day, every day.

But since were here to talk about food, let’s get to breakfast.

We were out of my smoothie ingredients, (oh the tragedy!) so that meant eggs, toast, and an apple for breakfast. 

As much as I love my smoothies, this breakfast was delicious too. And quite  filling, win-win. (Thanks to all that protein) 
I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much of yesterday morning. Aside from nursing, and changing diapers, most of it is a blur.  I do know I cleaned up the house a little bit and finally had time to shower before Landon got home for lunch. Thanks to meals from church family, I heated up leftovers for lunch.

Lunch for me? Rice, veggies, and shrimp, with a side of kale salad. This lunch totally hit the spot, especially on a cool day. (Notice more protein 💪🏼) 

After Landon went back to work, Benaiah and I went on a relaxing walk. He fell asleep/ mom win!

Once we came home, I was super hungry, so I ate a couple spoonfuls of almond butter (life was 128% better after that!)

Afternoon shenanigans? Napping and blog work. Mainly photography for my recipe post yesterday.

Landon came home for dinner and we enjoyed a meal from our church (chicken + broccoli + rice + cheese casserole. So good.) (Apparently rice and protein was the theme of the day!) After dinner, we were both still hungry, so we decided to enjoy some protein shakes for dessert. 

And that’s a wrap! Let’s hangout tomorrow okay? 

Questions of the Day?

  1. What was the best thing you ate yesterday?
  2. Favorite breakfast lately? 
  3. Anything fun going on this Wednesday?