Park Play Dates + Marathon Goals (TOL #59) 


Hello there and happy Thursday! Keeping with tradition, I’ll be sharing another round of TOL (confused? Click here to find out all the details!). Thank you to Amanda, for hosting.

These two. I love watching Benaiah interact with other kids. This week has been filled with trips to the park, thanks for the warm weather, and both Benaiah and I are quite happy about it. Winter weather makes me a little stir crazy and I’m super happy that the sun is back!

Speaking of >>> do you see that?!? The tree is BUDDING! Yesterday, as Benaiah and I were walking home from a trip to the park, I could smell the flowers in the air. Isn’t crazy how a few days of sunshine + nice smelling flowers can be a total mood booster? I think spring air has to be one of my favorite scents, ever.

I found this on Pinterest and am now convinced that I have to run the Chicago marathon, Boston and New York would be cool too. Anyone else want to run these with me?

Speaking of marathons, I have an official training start date: May 21! I couldn’t be more exited about running a marathon this fall (this goal has been a long time in the making!) In between now and official training I’m going to focus on building up a super solid running base, continue strengthening my core/legs (and arms while I’m at it…) focus on preventive stretching and foam rolling and get involved in my first running club! Woohoo! Running goals make me super happy, is anyone else like this?

I shared this picture on my Instagram, but man, I am so thankful for these two. The past couple weeks have been so good, but pretty full and the past couple days I found myself feeling pretty overwhelmed. Thank goodness for a patient, loving husband and a sweet, silly boy. They always make my days 100x better.

And on that note, I’ll leave you for today! I hope you have a fantastic Thursday!

Questions of the Day 

  1. Have you run a marathon before? 
  2. If so, which race have you run? 
  3. What is your favorite season?!