Pancakes for Breakfast, Running and Soccer Games (Weekend Recap)

Good morning friends and welcome back to another Monday. I knew it was a Monday this morning, when I poured my fresh coffee into a cup of leftover coffee. Hello and welcome to the week, haha. Although I would love another day to add to this weekend (three days weekends are more my style), I am looking forward to a week full of time with family, friends, and chatting with you. I miss you guys on the weekends. Maybe I should start doing a Saturday series? Would you guys like that?

Before I go off on too many tangents, let’s dive into the weekend, shall we?



You guys probably know what our Saturday morning tradition is around here, but if you don’t I will fill you in. Landon loves soccer (my passion: running, his: soccer) and about a year ago, Landon was told about this soccer group that plays every Saturday morning. So, for the last year (expect during the winter) Landon, Niah, and I have started off Saturday mornings, bright and early with a two hour soccer game. Normally, I will run while he plays soccer and it works out perfectly. Since my hip flexor is still on the mend, I ran one mile (it felt so good to move again) and Benaiah and I watched him play for the rest of the game. It is funny how good one mile feels after taking 8 days off running. I’ve missed my weekly runs so much and running that measly mile felt so, so refreshing. Thankfully, my hip flexor felt great too! This week, as long as everything still feels ago, I am going to work on slowly easing into running again, build back up my mileage and enjoy each run. Sometimes, when I don’t meet my running goals or I am not able to run whatever mileage I want, I don’t even enjoy the miles I do run. So, instead of being all upset about not running whatever mileage I really want to run this week, I am going to try to focus on simply enjoying the short runs and letting my body heal well. Hold me to that, okay guys?




Benaiah was on a targeted mission and trying to run onto the soccer field. I’m pretty sure I ran another mile or two trying to corral him away from the field. 😉


Once the game was over, we headed back home, I drank a quick protein shake, and we headed out to our friend’s house to help with their basement remodel. Make that, Landon helped with the basement remodel. While Landon and Andy wired and built things (can you tell I don’t do construction<) Niah and I hung out outside and explored his new surroundings.


We stayed for a couple hours and then went home to relax, and eat an easy dinner before leaving for a friend’s pumpkin carving party. Dinner = roasted veggies, chicken and mac and cheese. Since the party was late, my sweet mother in law stayed with Benaiah so he didn’t have to be up too late.


My co-worker (from a long time ago) and some other friends, all hung out at her place, carved pumpkins, and snacked on grapes. I decided to be wild and carve a simple ‘T’ on the pumpkin to represent our last name. I think mine was the most simple. but I was happy with it.

We finally got home around 11:30 and I was wiped. Falling asleep never felt so good.



I don’t know about you, but pancake breakfasts on the weekend just seem right. Since our Saturday mornings are usually too busy for a slow, lazy, cozy breakfast, I whipped up some almond flour pumpkin pancakes and eggs Sunday morning. I love experimenting with different flours and this recipe turned out pretty good. I wasn’t in love with the texture though, so next time, I will definitely make some adjustments. Does anyone else use almond flour in baked goods? Any suggestions?

After breakfast, we quickly got ready and headed to church early for worship practice. We spent the next few hours, worshiping and spending time in fellowship with friends. Yesterday’s sermon was exactly what I needed and I (we) left feeling really encouraged and more in love with Jesus than when we arrived. Those are the best Sundays.

Benaiah fell asleep in his car seat when we got home, so Landon and I took full advantage of his nap time by taking a nap of our own. I am usually not a napper sort of person, but yesterday’s thirty minute nap felt amazing. I guess my body needed some extra rest, because I woke up Sunday afternoon feeling totally energized and full of life.


We spent the next few hours, playing inside (thanks to the rainy weather) and making a lazy dinner of chicken salads and sweet potato fries. After dinner, we whipped up some almond flour (I guess I was on an almond flour kick yesterday) peanut butter cookies and munched on a few while we read Benaiah his devotions and books from his book shelf.




Once Benaiah was asleep, Landon and I crashed early after watching an episode of Dick van Dyke and drinking steamy cups of coffee.

And that brings us to today! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and an even better upcoming week. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was the best part of your weekend?
  2. Do you have any weekend traditions?
  3. Name your favorite brunch food!