Our New Tradition: Anniversary Eats (WIAW 8/23) 

In case you missed it, yesterday Landon and I celebrated our one year (!!) anniversary! 

We had a great day (details below…) but I think Landon and I may have had too much fun yesterday-  it was a struggle to get out of bed this morning. 

But since we are here to talk about food, let’s get onto that…

(taken from my insragram) 

Yesterday, I kicked off our anniversary morning with a tiny little run – 1.3ish miles. It’s hard for me to stop at just 1.3 miles, but I know listening to my body is important!

After chugging a large amount of water, I made my typical breakfast: protein smoothie 

And a hot cup of coffee

I spent the rest of my morning blogging, cleaning the house, working on meal plans for the rest week, and grocery shopping!

My morning went by super fast and before I knew it, Landon came home for lunch. 

Lunch? Giant salad (with cheese on the side) 

And an apple with some grapes. I love it when fruit is on sale… 
After Landon left to finish up a couple more hours of work, I finished my house work, spent time sending emails, working on the blog, and I made another batch of these bad boys.

Naturally, I made sure they were edible 😉 and enjoyed a two protein bites with my second cup of coffee for the day.  

Once Landon got back home, (yeah!) we left for a super relaxed date. 

I’m so glad that we both are relaxed and go-with-the-flow type of people, because we ended up having to eat Chipotle in the car… 

We had important places to be. 
I managed to eat half of my bowl before I calling it quits. Chipolte is quite filling!

We saw Ben-Hur and we were both quite pleased, it was intense, but in a good sort of way! 

Landon and I topped of one year anniversary celebration by splitting a large strawberry shake!

Fun story? On the day after our wedding (one year ago today actually!!), Landon and I went out for dinner and split a huge strawberry shake (like so huge they served it in a goblet!) Last night, we decided to keep the tradition alive and split another strawberry shake. 

This time, served in a large, frosted mug. 

New traditions are the best. The shake was deliciously filling…thank goodness we split it. The shake was great, but the company was even better. Man, I love this guy. 

Shortly after we got home, we exchanged cards and crashed in bed (we were both exhausted!) I blame the sugar…

I’m off for now, if you need me, you’ll find me bouncing on my exercise ball. Come baby come! 

Questions of the Day

  1. What are some of your favorite traditions? 
  2. Name three things you ate yesterday!!
  3. Favorite shake flavor?