Our First Stroller Run + Good Eats (Weekend Recap)

Good morning and happy Tuesday friends! I hope you’ve already had a great start to your week and have fun plans for today. I’m a little late sharing this weekend recap with you all, but hey, better late than never, right? Right.

This weekend was practically perfect, between the gorgeous near sixty degree weather (?!), fresh air, and family time, Saturday and Sunday were just right.


Saturday morning began with a flurry of activity as we rushed out the door to Benaiah’s four month appointment. We made it a few minutes late (whoops), but Niah passed with flying colors. The appointment didn’t last long, and afterwards we came home for breakfast and some snuggles.


With coffee of course.


Since we were working out shortly after breakfast, Landon whipped up a light breakfast of fried eggs and toast, while I snuggled Benaiah.


I don’t know about you, but food always tastes 12456x better when I don’t have to make it.


After enjoying breakfast, Landon, Benaiah and I had our devotions and I worked on a mountain of laundry. Weekends are my time to get laundry done and I took full advantage of our lazy weekend by getting every single piece of dirty laundry sorted, washed, folded, and put away. Win.


Once we finished our devotions and I threw one of the numerous loads of laundry in the wash, Landon and I laced up our shoes and went for our first family run together! I was so excited to test out my BOB stroller with a run and it didn’t disappoint. I have heard so many great reviews from other mother runners and they were right. Running with the BOB is super easy; I foresee many fun runs together with my little family.


We conquered a easy two mile run and split up time pushing the BOB. As easy as it is to push, it was nice to ease into running with a stroller. I’m so used to running with my arms and it feels strange not being able to swing them!


Benaiah loved the stroller and he quickly fell asleep about a half mile in. I think the fresh air did us all good and we finished our run feeling much more alive and happy. It is confirmed, endorphins are magical.


Once we finished, we shared a few snuggles before I prepared taco salads for lunch.


Last week, I made a Mexican dish, Burrito Pie, and Spanish rice for dinner. Instead of finishing up the leftovers as they were originally prepared, I whipped up two large salads and topped them with the leftover pie and rice. Burrito pie has been a favorite of my families for a while now and I love how versatile, delicious and easy it is. Essentially it’s almost like a Mexican lasagna. Layer corn shells, re-fried beans and meat, and cheese until you fill a baking dish, bake at 350 for 30 minutes. BAM. FIESTA. Obviously, as stated, the leftovers are perfect on top of a bed of greens.


I served some of these black bean chips along with our salads. Warning: these chips are addicting.

We spent the rest of the day tackling laundry and finishing up some house projects before snuggling on the couch with a cozy dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup + grilled cheese and a movie. Cozy dinner + movie = best date ever.




Sunday morning arrived bright and early with an early morning wake up call from the little man. Instead of trying to fall back asleep, I took full advantage of the early hour by getting my morning routine out of the way and even making a skillet for breakfast. Normally, on Sundays, we are rushing out the door which means, sometimes we only have time to scarf down a banana as ‘breakfast.’ It was a nice change of pace to lazily eat breakfast in bed while sipping our coffee and watching Benaiah play on his tummy.

A few hours later, we left the house and made it to church on time. (Score!) Landon and I thoroughly enjoyed our pastor’s sermon and the potluck/fellowship that followed. After a quick pit stop to grab a few household items, we came to spend the rest of the afternoon snuggling on the couch and enjoying a large salad + soup for dinner.


We finished the evening off with my healthy chocolate shakes (topped with some healthy brownies I made the other day) and an intense game of Scrabble. Landon whipped out a couple 30+ point words, which left me way behind. In short, he won and I consoled myself with another cup of coffee. 😉

And that was our weekend! I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What were three things you did this weekend?
  2. Are you a Scrabble player?
  3. For all the moms out there, do you have a jogging (eh- running) stroller? If so, what kind?