One of the Best Runs Ever and A Shark Movie (Weekend Recap) 

Hey guys and happy Tuesday to you all. I hope your week is off to a great start and your weekend was a good mixture of relaxation and activity!

Here’s a little peek into the Thompson’s jam packed weekend…



Saturday morning I woke up to Landon informing me that it was almost ten o’clock! I don’t remember the last time I slept in that long and it felt glorious. Not only did I sleep in, but so did Niah and we both woke up with lots of energy. After devotions and a hot cup of coffee, I jumped on the treadmill and ran a perfect four mile run.


You know those runs where you forget that you are running? Yes, Saturday I had that type of run. It was one of the best runs I’ve had in a while and I felt like I could have gone forever.

I refueled with my usual protein shake, before Landon and I packed up our stuff and said goodbye to my parent’s dog and headed back home after a week of dog sitting/ house sitting for my parents!


It was so good to get back. There really is no place like home. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, making a few meals, and catching up on some home projects. Landon and I spent the night eating leftovers…

lentil soup4

which was this bowl of soup with homemade bread x 2. We were pretty tired from our long week, so we decided to call it an early night and crashed around ten.



I took advantage of Benaiah’s early morning wake up call with preparing for Sunday morning service and going over some of my girls’ Bible study notes. After getting myself all ready, I made a smoothie for both Landon and I, while keeping Niah entertained.


I paired my smoothie with a piece of Ezekiel bread toast (cinnamon raisin is my favorite kind of Ezekiel bread!) and a second cup of coffee.

We spent the morning and early afternoon at church and we enjoyed the message that was shared + the fabulous fellowship.


Once we came back home, we decided to walk to the library and enjoy the fresh air! Considering  it’s early March, the weather was beautiful and it felt so good to get out of the house!


Three cheers for warm weather! Niah slept a little after we made it home and I worked on preparing barbecue chicken salads with roasted potatoes for dinner.


We ended the evening with popcorn and The Shallows. Landon and I both enjoyed the movie, but I have a feeling it will be a while before I want to get in the ocean again. 😉


I hope you guys had a great weekend!


Questions of the Day 

  1. Have you seen The Shallows? Thoughts? 
  2. What was your best run this week like? 
  3. Name three things you did this weekend!