Not a Care in the World + Nail Problems  (TOL #47)

I spoke to soon. Right after I shared that Benaiah slept really well Tuesday night, last night was a different story. So, if today’s post makes no sense, I blame the lack of sleep 😉 

Ah, well, you win some, you lose some, right? 

Shout out to Amanda for hosting our TOL party today. (Have no idea what is going on? Find out more here.) 

1. Right after painting my nails, I remembered why I rarely paint them. You can’t really tell in this picture, but one day after, my nails starting chipping. Oh, the frustration. 

2. While I’m lamenting over my chipped nails, I walked over the crib yesterday and found Benaiah sleeping with his hands stretched out over his head. Not a care in the world. 

3. While I’m not staring at our sleeping boy, I’m drinking multiple cups of coffee. Coffee = liquid gold. 

4. Another thing I’ve been enjoying? Our neighbors brought over healthy, buckwheat almond tarts. I need to get the recipe, because these were delicious.

5. Something I’m not so crazy about? Landon went back to work today. Benaiah and I loved having him home these past two weeks and we already miss him. 

  1. Speaking of two weeks, Benaiah is already two weeks old! Time is flying.

That’s all for now, my brain is telling me that I need a cup of coffee and Benaiah is telling me he needs to eat.

Let’s hangout tomorrow, okay? 

Questions of the Day 

  1. Favorite treat lately? 
  2. How long does your polish stay on? 
  3. Share your Thursday thought!!