New Recipe Coming, Running Pregnant, and the Best Brownies: Thinking out Loud (#28) 

Yeah for Thursday’s! We are almost to the weekend, it’s a run day for me and a day to share all my random thoughts with you lovely people. As usual? Thank you Amanda for hosting this party! 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

1. I made the best brownies the other day. These are healthier than normal, taste better than regular brownies (in my opinion), and have a fudge like taste to them. Hello deliciousness. If you want the recipe, check out Charissa’s blog. 

2. Yesterday, I saw baby T moving around. Oh my goodness, it was the most precious sight ever! 

3. Watch out for this recipe (photo above) that is coming on the blog later today. Veggie burger lovers, rejoice! 

4. I have been loving salads lately, which is I suppose is a normal thing. However, salads topped with Parmesan cheese is one of the better decisions I’ve made lately.

5. Running while pregnant is quite the adventure. I now always have to stop mid way and use the bathroom and grab water. (Thanks goodness for public restrooms!) I’ve also been reminded, once again, that foam rolling is my best friend. 

6. This weather makes me so happy. 

7. Speaking of the warm weather, I’m so excited to start planting a garden! Has anyone had a vegetable garden in pots before? I can’t do a full garden at our apartment (obviously), but I’m itching to start planting what I can! Oh and this photo are a picture of my laws plants -my father in law has such a green thumb! 

That’s all for now friends, check back later this afternoon for a new recipe! 

Questions of the Day

1. Anyone else love to garden? What is your favorite thing to plant? 

2. Anyone have any fun running while pregnant stories? 

3. Who likes veggie burgers? What’s your favorite kind of burger?