National Ice Cream Day and a Relaxing Weekend (Weekend Recap 7/18)

Good morning and happy Monday! I can’t believe this weekend is over. Even though we layed low both Saturday and Sunday,(which was nice since my latest episode…) this weekend still flew by. 

It is hard to believe that Landon and I only have a few more weekends left before baby T comes! 

Currently, I am enjoying a foamy cup of coffee and gearing up for another week. I have a lot of things to ready before baby T comes! Hello productive week. 

Before I get too ahead of myself, let’s talk about the weekend:

Saturday morning, Landon played soccer, while I watched, blogged, and chatted on the phone with friends. 

I was dying to run, but my ankle was still pretty swollen. Sad day. I saw so many runners out, which made me even more sad I couldn’t run. (I’ve come to the conclusion that runners are weird…)  

On a side note, surprisingly, today my ankle is feeling much better! Hallelujah. 

After Landon finished his game, we spent the rest of the day relaxing, cleaning the house, and sorting through our closet. (Like I said, we chilled this weekend.) 

We also enjoyed a delicious dinner that came from my in-laws garden! I don’t know about you, but there is nothing quite like fresh green beans! 

Sunday morning, I woke up to a thunderstorm and quickly made myself breakfast. Pregnancy hunger strikes again! 

Limited groceries = almond butter toast and coffee.

I spent a few minutes making food for a potluck at church, catching up on some blogs, and planning next month out. 

An hour or so later, Landon and I left for church and spent time chatting with friends.

After lunch, Landon and I picked up some much needed groceries and a few treats too.

He was super excited to find huge bags of cereal. 

Sunday evening, we played a game, ate dinner, and ended the evening with a movie and dessert. 

Landon’s dessert? Cereal. He’s so easy to please.

Dessert for me? Halo Top ice cream. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to try this brand, but woah. I found my new favorite treat! I had to hold myself back from eating the entire pint. 

I found out later that Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. (Winning at life at a didn’t even know. 😉 )

That’s all for now. Let’s chat today, okay! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did your weekend look like? 
  2. Ever tried Halo Top? What is your favorite flavor? 
  3. Are you a cereal lover? Favorite kind/brand?