My Feet Are Super Happy with Me: Let’s Talk about Running Shoes (Friday Favorites 8/5: Mizuno Edition) 

Happy happy Friday all you lovely humans! I hope you have all sorts of fun things planned for this weekend. I sure have a packed weekend and I’ll make sure to fill you in on all the details, of course. 😉

Now, let’s talk about some favorites: mainly these bad boys.

Oh, Mizuno you are good to me.

I mean, aren’t they gorgeous?

So, my first pair of real running shoes (around 6 years ago!) ever were Mizuno Wave Rider 15s (yes, I still remember the exact model…)

I loved those shoes and we conquered hundreds (literally) of miles together.

After I put way too many miles on those beautiful purple shoes, I switched to another brand and found out that those didn’t work at all.

Thank goodness for my Mizuno wave riders.

After that disappointing pair of  unsaid brand of shoes, I switched back to the Mizuno Wave Rider 18s and eventually purchased the 19s.

Just a few weeks ago, Mizuno (because they are awesome!) sent me the new Wave Enigmas to test out and fill you all in the with details and my thoughts about the shoes! 

Let me start off with saying first that these shoes are gorgeous! I loved the colors and the style.

Even more than that, they proved to be super comfortable and super supportive! I didn’t quite know what it would be like to switch from the Mizuno Wave Riders to the Wave Enigmas, but Mizuno has once again out done themselves with a outstandingly comfortable, supportive shoe. I have a narrow ankle and usually have to lace up my shoes in a specific way (in order to limit my ankle slipping out.) Even though these shoes are the same size I’ve always purchased, they fit my ankle perfectly! I’m sold. 🙂 

The Engima’s are also a perfect blend of cushion and stability. They fit like a glove and yet, are so light, that I hardly notice I’m wearing them.

If these weren’t my running shoes, I would wear them everywhere…they are that comfortable!

I have learned the hard way, that having good running shoes is super important! They not only will make your runs much better feeling, but good running shoes discourage injuries.

Total side tangent: after Landon and I got married, it killed me to watch him run 3x a week (or more) in his old, non supportive shoes. So what did I buy him for Christmas? Why, Mizuno Wave Inspires of course. He loves them and his feet feel a whole lot better!     You’re welcome honey. 🙂 

Speaking of replacing old shoes, did you all know you are supposed to update running shoes every 300-500 miles? Sounds like a lot of miles, but when you are running regularly, miles add up fast!

So, do yourself a favor and get some good running shoes! (Obviously, I recommend trying out Mizuno Wave Engima’s, find them here! They are the bomb.) Your feet will thank me later. 😉

Thank you Mizuno for sending me the Enigmas to test out, I love them! 

*Note: Mizuno sent me the Engimas, but all opinions are my own*  

Well, I’m off to get cleaned up (just got back from a run!) and eat some breakfast. We will chat later, okay?

Questions of the Day

1. How often do you purchase new running shoes?  

2. What were your first pair of running shoes?

3. Weekend plans? Share the details!!