My Brother and Sister-in-Law are Coming(!!), Tweeting, and The Racing Bug: Friday Favorites (7/1)

Good morning and happy Friday to you! I don’t know about you, but I love Friday mornings! It’s (I think technically…) the start to the weekend, a three day weekend, and Landon and I always have a date night on Fridays. All this to say, Friday’s are great days. I’m celebrating over here with sharing my Friday  Favorites

Such as…

1. I get to see these beautiful humans today. Although I live about an hour from my sisters and mom (and my dad!), I love that we are still able to hang out, almost weekly. 

2. Yesterday’s run. It was perfect, 70 degrees, low humidity, and no noise. I would say this was one of those runs that runners dream of. 

3. Another favorite? Most people who know me well, know that I enjoy sparkling water. Anyone else a fan? I recently stumbled upon this brand and am loving it. 

4. MY BROTHER AND SISTER-IN-LAW are coming up from Lousiana!! I haven’t seen them in months and I am dying to catch up. 

5. I recently got a Twitter…I really have no idea what I’m doing -still trying to figure it out. 😉 But, if you want to catch the latest details of my life, follow me >>> @LuluRuns315

6. Another favorite? Looking back on racing photos. I seriously cannot wait to race. The racing bug is real my friends. 

7. These muffins are quickly becoming a favorite around here. (Missed the recipe? Find it here.) I highly recommend warming a muffin up and topping it with coconut oil- game changer. 

8. Baby T’s movements. I tried to get a video of all the acrobatic moves baby T likes to perform, but our little munchkin was not very cooperative. I’ll leave this one to your imaginations. 😉 

Favorites from around the Web:

1. This article by Chelsea talking about running ruts, how to handle them, and what to learn through the process. 

2. This pancake recipe created by the amazing Amanda! Hello delicious. 

3. Runner’s World: The 25 Rules of Running. Excellent article

4. Courtney’s zuchinni recipe roundup! She now has me craving zuchinni bread.  

5. Janae’s 10 Long Distance Race Consequences. So.acccurate.

And on that note, I’m signing out to start the weekend off right on a sweaty note. 

Today’s workout? Arms and core. (I would say abs, but lately, baby T has been covering them up…) 😉

Your Turn to Share

  1. What are some of your current favorites? 
  2. Any fun weekend plans? 
  3. What’s your workout for the day?