Much Needed Sunday

Working in the gourmet coffee industry means the end of the month is always jam-packed. I make sure orders are placed, coffee is shipped, and people have what they need. Everything leading up to the end of the month is exciting and fun, but once the first of the month hits, I am ready for some rest!

God was gracious in providing a nice, slow Sunday. They don’t always happen and after church I really love spending time with people on Sundays, however, this Sunday I knew I needed some down time and rest.

To be honest, I really was not productive at all. But honestly, I was very much fine with that!

Sunday morning, I woke up in a mini-panic because I needed to get to church for worship practice and I slept too late. After getting ready (in a very fast-pace), I got to church (only 5 minutes late!) and practiced with the team.

After worshiping as a body of believers and an encouraging church service, I headed home, snacked on a banana as pre-run fuel, and checked the weather. This is so sad, but I when I realized it was twenty degrees out, the first thought that came to mind was ‘Wow, it’s warm!’ Man, you know you live in the midwest when…


Anyways, after a banana and peanut butter, I geared up and ran a quick five miles. I was excited to see that all five miles were under 8 minute miles and my shins felt great. During my run, I spent time with the Lord in prayer. That is one of the reasons I love to run. It is really my time when I am able to escape from the world of distractions and focus on the my Savior.


Another great thing about Sunday’s run was that I was not freezing! Twenty degrees and no wind for the win!

After my run, I took a hot shower, drank some water, ate a bowl of Greek yogurt, and slept for 2 hours. Let me tell you, nothing is as glorious as a run, shower, and nap in that order! Please try it sometime and thank me later.

Once I woke up, I spent some time reading and pinning quotes like this one.


You have to love C.S. Lewis.

I ended the night with the finale (!) of Downton Abbey Season 5. I won’t give anything away, but I will say, it was a lovely episode. Anyone else a fan?

downton christmas


It really was a wonderful Sunday and just what I needed. How was your weekend? Anything fun or exciting or was it more low-key like mine?

I’ll catch you all later for WIAW!