Mother’s Day Weekend 2016

Oh this weekend was so beautiful. I love Mother’s Day, it is such a perfect time to praise the mothers in our lives and honor them for all their sacrifice.

This weekend, Landon and I spent Saturday morning cleaning, working, and fitting in workouts.

Landon and I were planning on running together, but I think I’ve sprained my toe or something. Since I didn’t want to risk further injury, I decided to work on my arms and core while Landon ran 3 miles in 20 minutes! He’s so speedy! 

After picking up some rolls for dinner, Landon and I met up his family at the theater to watch Captain Amercia: Civil War.

Boy, it was intense- but good. No spoilers, I promise.

After the movie, Landon and I headed out to his families house for dinner and games. 

And just like that I forgot I had a blog to take pictures for or a phone that had a camera- bad blogger award goes to me. 

Even though you can’t see through pictures how much fun we had, I assure you, we had a blast. 

After a dinner of shredded turkey sandwiches, fruit, and a salad, we enjoyed a healthy rhubarb pie and not so healthy ice cream. 😉 (Because ice cream is always a good idea.)

Later in the evening, the whole family chatted, played some games, and stayed up late like the party animals we are. (Ha, ha.) 

Sunday morning, (Mother’s Day), Landon surprised me with breakfast in bed and the sweetest card ever.

Breakfast complete with: pineapple, Trader Joes oat squares, and yogurt. (He’s so wonderful!) 

Once we finished breakfast, we got ready, packed for my parents, and headed to church. The message was so encouraging and I left feeling very uplifted. 

After church, Landon and I picked up a watermelon and hogie buns, and headed to my parents house to celebrate. 

Oh and we ate a quick lunch on the way over. Veggie burgers for the win.

We spent quite a few hours at my parents talking, laughing, and playing lots of outdoor games. (Also, both of my grandmas were there, which was awesome!) 

We kicked the soccer ball around first, which reminded me why I was never on a soccer team. 😉 However, Landon is a stellar soccer player-I dare not play against him. 

We also played croquet and threw the frisbee around for a while. 

We obviously got very into the game. 

Later in the evening, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of Italian beef, pasta salad, watermelon, and chips. (Thanks mom!) 

We also took lots of mother/daughter pictures. 🙂 

We ended the evening opening up cards, eating frozen yogurt, and watching a movie. 

Once again, I want to say a huge thank you to my mom and Landon’s mom for raising us, for loving us, for all the sacrifices that you both have made! Your example you’ve given us is truly beautiful and I (we) can’t thank you enough.

Your Turn:

1. How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? 

2. Anyone else like croquet? I forgot how much fun it is!

3. Captain American: Civil War was crazy! Has anyone else seen the movie yet?