Monday Matters


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did.

Let’s rewind…

Valentine’s day, Saturday, started with a nice run and conversations with friends. Although I didn’t have anyone ‘special’ to celebrate with, that was ok! My sisters and I babysat a couple munchkins and had cheesecake bites.


 (Excuse the snapchat photo)

Sunday morning, I meant to get up and run, but my  body was telling me otherwise. I don’t know if this happens to any of you, but I can sleep through my alarms like nobody’s business. Instead of a run, I got up and rushed out the door to church!

Later that day, I went to my friend’s house for an evangelism class. The class was not only eye-opening, but also encouraging and challenging.  It is a wonderful thing when believers can come together and encourage each other in the faith.

Proverbs 27:17 (ESV)

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”



After the class, food (side note: I brought Kale Chips! Recipe to come!) , and fellowship, we loaded up the car and drove to my Grandma’s for another party.

My family is pretty much crazy and decided to re-do my Grandma’s bathroom. My sisters, cousins, brother, aunt and dad got it done in about six hours! Once my grandma, mom, and I arrived at Grandma’s house, we surprised her with an all new, improved bathroom. She was blessed and it was a lot of fun to see the shock on her face!

Later that evening, we ate more food, relaxed, and spent time together. Unfortunately, my sisters and I decided sleep wasn’t that necessary and stayed up pretty late. Needless to say, Monday morning dawned bright and early.

Although it was a little hard to get out of bed this morning… today’s highlights include:

1. Time with the Lord, bright and early.

2. Morning prayer calls with friends and team members.

3. 5ks

4. Smoothies

5. Teaching 2nd grade.

6. Sweet potatoes.

7. Coffee business planning.

All in all, it has been a good couple of days. The Lord’s faithfulness astounds me constantly. I am overwhelmed by His mercy and enthralled with His beauty.GreenSmoothie

Let’s honor Him today and for the rest of our lives.

Psalm 16:7-8 (ESV) 

“I bless the LORD who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me. I have set the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.”