Marathon Training Week Six Recap

marathon training WEEK SIX

Wow, six weeks into marathon training and so far, so good. I have had a little peroneal tendonitis pain this week that I have dealt with, but more on that later! Thankfully, it is feeling better and things are all clicking into place. This week was a cut-back week and I really could feel the benefits of some lower mileage. I appreciate these cut backs weeks, I love starting a harder week with fresh legs and a fresh mind!


Sunday, Father’s Day, was a rest day for me. The only movement that occurred on Father’s Day was a nice, slow walk around our neighborhood with Landon and Benaiah.



I started Monday off with a easy, three mile run at a easy 8:45 pace. It felt great to move and Benaiah and I enjoyed getting outside together!



Tuesday morning, my peroneal tendon felt a little stiff, so I opted to skip my morning run and focus on some core + total body Pilates work with my sister, Abby. We worked out together and finished a sweaty 30 minutes of Pilates. Later in the evening, my legs felt good and I ran an easy three miles with Benaiah. Thankfully, my tendon felt good and I was happy with the run- except my phone died, so I don’t know exact distance/pace. But, based off feel, I think it was around 9:00 min miles and 3 miles total.


Wednesday morning, I woke up early, had devotions and left the door around 6. I clocked five miles (my phone died again- what is with this batter?!) and although I don’t know pace (guess around an 8:30) I do know that I ran five miles, thanks to my previously run 5 mile course. My legs felt good during the run and I made sure to keep them that way by foam rolling, stretching, icing, and sliding on my compression socks after I got home!



Thursday = off day from running for me! Instead of running, Landon and I worked upper body together and I did a light and easy hip strengthening circuit routine.


Since this weekend will be a busier weekend, today’s schedule has a seven mile run planned. Although I tried to get up and run it this morning, thunderstorms ruined my plans! Thankfully, my mom and sisters are coming over to spend the day and they said they would let me run when they got here! Hopefully, the weather will be good enough for me to go then!


As long  as I am able to run my seven miles today, tomorrow I am planning on doing 30-45 minutes of light cross training (i.e. walking.) Aside from that, just some light hip strengthening exercise and I will call the week a wrap!

I hope you guys all have an amazing weekend!