Marathon Training Week Nine Recap

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Guys, we made it to the weekend. Three cheers for surviving the week. Hold up, that’s a negative way to say it. Let me rephrase that… ‘Three cheers for THRIVING this week!’

Man, I feel like I’ve been in a self-doubt funk all.week.long. And I think it stems from this week being a particularly tough marathon training week for me, both physically and mentally. I know the marathon pushes, changes, and breaks you down and man, this week I really felt it. The miles haven’t been too challenging, but my body is finally feeling the impact of the last nine weeks of training and the extra late nights I’ve been having lately. (Which is totally my own choice and fault.)


And although I am feeling stronger than ever, my body has been flaring up with some pains, here and there. Last night, my knee was feeling a little achy (not painful, but achy) and my peroneal tendon has been flaring up here and there this week. I know this does come with the marathon training territory, but it really puts a damper on my confidence.

But, thankfully, I was able to sneak into the chiropractor and get all fixed up. I have a four mile run planned for this morning and then it is RACE DAY on Sunday. This Sunday, Landon and I will be racing a half marathon in Chicago, while Benaiah chills with his grandparents. I am SO EXCITED for this half!

I know, from experience, I race better when I have cautious confidence, so I am going to be thinking happy thoughts, praying, and reflecting on how far I’ve come in the past 9 weeks before Sunday! And if I think about it, I have come a long ways.

In the past 9 weeks I’ve grown stronger, built endurance, ran a two, 10 mile runs, a 12 mile run, and a 9 mile run. My pace has increased (or should I say, decreased) and now 5 mile runs feel ‘short and easy.’ I know that I will do this half marathon and not only finish, but finish well and have fun- which is my main goal. If I think about all these small wins, it gives me confidence that I’ve done the work and it will carry me through this race. As I gear up for the next 6 weeks of INTENSE training, I will be focusing on my plan, one run at a time and holding my goals loosely, knowing that ultimately it is in God’s good hands.


Off. I ran 10 miles on Saturday, so I took Sunday as a complete rest day and, instead, Landon ran his 10 mile run. We finished a minute apart from each other (totally unplanned!) and yes, Landon was the one who was 1 minute faster. I’ll get him next time. 😉


Monday morning, I had a cross training workout scheduled. I focused on abs and glutes, since both of those make a runner strong, less prone to injury, and happy (since happy runners are the non-injured ones…)

I used this and this video for a quick, yet intense under 20 minute workout.


Tuesday morning, I ran an easy three, but the easy three felt harder than it should have. I think it had something to do with the crazy humidity and lack of sleep! I finished with an average pace of 8:17 and was more than ready for a giant jug of ice water!


My training plan called for a 7 mile run on Wednesday, so I laced up my shoes and ran a sweaty, seven mile run in just under an hour (58 minutes to be exact.) I felt good through most of it, except for the first few miles…I think my body was still asleep 😉


Off. Since I had a chiropractor appointment Wednesday afternoon, I was told to rest and do some walking/cross training. I worked on my biceps and triceps with this video and enjoyed a slower paced morning.


Planned four mile group run!


OFF. Total rest in preparation for the HALF MARATHON!

Sunday (7/16)