Marathon Training Week Four Recap

marathon training week FOUR

Guys. It’s Friday!! Let’s just take a moment to celebrate! First of all, I am celebrating that I have officially finished my first four weeks of marathon training! It really has flown by and I am excited about all the progress that I am seeing, both physically and mentally!


Tonight’s agenda = a date night with Landon, homemade vegan lasagna and a movie! Pretty much the perfect way to end a long week and a long run day.


Speaking of running, let’s recap my weekly runs!



Friday morning, I went out, bright and early with my running group and we ran an easy four miles together and I finished another 1 by myself for a total of 5 easy miles for my ‘long run.’ (I also decided to take this awesome selfie) 😉 

Every third week of my training plan involves a cut-back week, so instead of a normal long run, I finished an easy five and foam rolled to start my Friday off right!


Off, I just rested and stretched.


No running for me, but I did do a short, sweaty plyometric workout and man, I was sore for two days after, no joke! I loved the workout though and the quick change of pace. I don’t know about you guys, but if I am not running, I need variety, because otherwise I lose focus and get bored easily- basically I become an ADD five year old and need distractions to get through the workout. Thanks to Julie, this workout kept me engaged and my heart rate up!



Monday morning, I went out for a quick, three miles at a 7:41 pace with negative splits! (Splits = 8:01/7:41/7:25)It felt good to get a sweat in without pushing a stroller and the miles clicked by easily!


Tuesday morning, Benaiah and I ran four miles, at a 9:23 pace and I spent some time foam rolling and stretching my sore legs (thanks to Mondays speedy run and Sunday’s intense plyometric workout!)  Benaiah and I also went on a walk later in the afternoon.


Wednesday = another three mile run @ a 8:53 pace with stretching, foam rolling and a few Pilates moves throughout the day!


Off! I did a little upper body work and went on a walk, but other than that no running for me!


NINE MILES (longest run post-partum!) with my running group! The group were such great sports and even got up early and ran extra miles with me so I could get the 9 miler in! Aren’t runners some of the best people ever? I felt super strong throughout the run and even though it was the longest run I’ve done in like three years (?! crazy right) I felt like I was back to my old running self and so happy about that!


And that’s it! Week 4 of Marathon training, done and done! The rest of the weekend I am going to focus on resting and light strength training before hitting another big week of running!

I hope you guys have a great weekend surrounded by the people you love most!


Questions of the Day

  1. What was your run like today?
  2. Do you have a favorite type of run (long run, speed work, etc.?)
  3. What are your WEEKEND plans?