Life Lately

Lately life has been full of all things good, wild, fun, and sometimes stressful. I also have been able to conquer some decisions about school, establish somewhat of a routine, and get back into the groove of life after vacation. Does it seem to anyone else that you need at least a solid month to get back into routine after vacation? Crazy!?

Let’s see what has happened lately.

1. Coffee ( It keeps me awake.)


Lots of coffee. As my cup says, “Life is short stay awake for it.”  I know that there is always a bunch of speculation about how good coffee or caffeine is for the body, but I try to disregard the negativity about coffee. It’s too good to pass up.

2. Awesome devotions

precious words

He is enough.

3.  Good times with good friends.

S and B

my lady

wedding shower
My friends wedding shower!

I have been so blessed with great friends both home and far away from me.  This summer has been filled with good talks, musical bonfires, fabulous runs, lunch dates, and Bible studies with all my favorite people.  So blessed and so grateful.

4. Lots of runs and lots of swims

New running clothes



leaping for joy

Although my distance of running has been shorter and I have battled some tightness in my right leg, it has been a good summer filled with many varied runs. Short, long, easy, hard, fast and slow. But they all have been good and made me stronger.

5. Good food. Enough said.

all day every day
Favorite combo

oats my goats



6. Sister bonding time.


Although the summer was busy, hectic, and crazy at points, the Lord has also taught me to slow down and enjoy the simple joys in life-like a run in the rain, an ice cream cone with friends, or a movie night with family.

I cannot believe that fall is around the corner and coming quickly. That only means a few things.

Football. (Favorite sport ever!)

Sweaters and jeans.

Crisp air.


Warm food.



Hot coffee.

Early nights in.

I’m ready.  Are you?