Let’s Get this Labor Party Started, Clean Kitchens, and Sugar Crashes (TOL #44)  

Ahh, Thursday’s…we are getting close to the weekend and so far, the only plans I have for the weekend are bouncing on my exercise ball, walking, running, and maybe eating a whole pineapple. But…more on that later. 

Thank you to Amanda for hosting this morning! 

1. You may have seen, but Landon and I went to see Ben-Hur for our anniversary. We both really liked it and we both liked that there were only three other people in the theater with us. I guess that’s what happens when you go to the movies on a Tuesday night?

2. Since we are talking about our anniversary, I just got to give this shake another minute to shine. I mean, how could you not want to drink this? Thank goodness Landon and I only drink these type of sweets like once a year- I think I had a major sugar crash afterwards 😉 

3. Don’t worry, I’m balancing the treats out with lots of veggies. A couple days ago, this lunch totally hit the spot. Quinoa + Parmesan cheese + tomatoes + roasted broccoli = deliciousness. 

4. When I’m not eating veggies, I’m trying to get this labor party started. I’ve read about some funky ways to get labor started (i.e. Eating eggplant, acupuncture, and enemas- yeah, no thanks…) but I will be bouncing on my labor ball for the next 24 hours or so, maybe eating some pineapple, and walking/running. Anyone else have any ideas or tips? 

5. While we are talking about my pregnant life, the nesting phase is still going strong (although lately naps are sounding amazing…) Does anyone else absolutely love a clean kitchen? In my brain (and of course this is logical) if the kitchen is messy, the entire house is too. Or at least that is how it feels. Is that just a me thing? 

6. Notice the crockpot in the picture above…I have decided that using crock pots in the hot summer months is the best thing ever. I’m so glad when I don’t have to heat up my entire house. 

7. Of course, in between all this bouncing, cleaning, and crock-potting, I’ve been watching House Hunters. Why didn’t I know these were on Netflix months ago!? Yesterday, I watched some guy buy a tiny place in San Fransico for $3.2 million, the house was tiny, but the views were great. 

8. And on that note, I’m off to make my usual smoothie and finish my morning routines. Let’s hang out later today- I have another recipe up my sleeve and think you’ll like it! 

Questions of the Day

  1. Share your random Thursday thoughts! I want to hear them all! 
  2. Do you like the crockpot? What is one of your favorite dishes to make with yours?
  3. Is a clean kitchen important to you?