Latest Excitments, Kitchen Experiments, and a New Garden: TOL (#32)

It’s Thursday, but in my mind, I’m at least a solid day behind…I think it’s because Landon had Monday (Memorial Day) off and Tuesday I had a friend over, which made Monday and Tuesday feel like a weekend. Nevertheless, I’m excited that we are almost to another weekend, and this one is going to be jam packed  with all sorts of get togethers. I’ll share details with you on Monday. (Because I know you all are dying to know what I am doing every minute of every day.) 😉 

Anyways, before I continue on one giant bunny trail, I want to give a shout out to Amanda for hosting and get this party started! 

1. I decided it was time to get a snapchat for the blog!!  If you want to follow me I’m at >>> luluruns315. If you follow me, you will find various updates on my day to day activities (see above photo) and I’ll make sure to follow you back! 

2. Since my picture mentioned I was experimenting, I will show you the finished product. (Recipe coming on the blog later today-make sure to check back in later today!) 

3. Speaking of food, I’ve been loving fresh tomatoes on my salads. I found 2 pints of organic plum tomatoes for .88! Score.

4. Another thing that is making me happy? Flowers. They are blooming everywhere and I’m so happy to see color all around. Yay for no more brown. 

5. Although I am thankful for the flowers popping up, the rain that has been helping that cause isn’t so appreciated. Especially when you are shopping with your friend. Yes, Brittany and I got soaked while shopping on Tuesday. It was quite  the adventure. 

6. Oh, another exciting thing happening latley? Thanks to my father in law and sister in laws help, I now have my very own garden! I went over and planted it last week (with the help of my inlaws) and dad T has been sending me updates on how my plants are doing. If you look closely, that little green thing is a bean plant sprouting up through the soil. 

7. While I am not gardening or getting rained on, I’ve been trying out new kitchen experiments, (hence the muffins.) Last night, I made coconut whipped cream to top our healthy frappes. It was delicious! Has anyone else made whipped cream out of coconut cream before? I think I’m officially a fan.

8. This isn’t an edible cream, but oh, it is dreamy. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be called a “Mama Bee?” (so adorable!) Shoutout to Kelle for mailing this to me. 

9. Happy moment of the week so far? Getting a three mile run done by 8:35 am. I love getting runs done “early.”

10. After running, all I wanted was protein and fruit. So that’s what I had. Eggs (there were two on the plate) and watemelon, because yes, I’m still addicted. 

11. Newest library excitement? THIS. Can’t wait to watch. 
That’s all for now, be on the look out for a recipe coming later today. 

You share your Thursday thoughts: 

  1. What is your current exctment? 
  2. What do you crave after a workout/run? 
  3. You list three random thoughts on your mind!