Just Another Typical Tuesday



It’s been a while since I last shared a “day in the life of” post, so I thought I would change that by sharing our day yesterday with you guys!

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling a little disoriented. Landon had taken Benaiah out of the room to let me sleep (so sweet!) and I was tying to figure out what day it was. #holidayweekendproblems. After a little while, Landon and Benaiah greeted me with a steamy cup of coffee while I slowly woke up.

After I had my devotions and fed the munchkin, I got to work making Landon breakfast before saying goodbye to him. It’s always hard to send him back to work after a nice, weekend break.

In all honesty, I really wasn’t feeling my planned run, but I knew I just needed to do it before I talked myself out of it. So, without much thinking, I slipped on my new Mizunos (a post to come on those soon!) and headed out the door.

Sometimes, I’ve found, that is is the runs that we don’t really look forward to that turn out to be the best. I ran for stroller miles with Benaiah and both and and I enjoyed the fresh air.


Once we got back home, I fed him his favorite breakfast (bananas!) and I drank my favorite breakfast (the usual protein shake).


After stretching and refueling, I nursed Benaiah and put him down for his nap.

Nap times = hustle time for mama, which meant I quickly slipped into work mode and got a pile of things checked off my to do list before Benaiah woke up! Victory.


We spent the rest of our mid morning cleaning, walking outside, and spending time at the park.



Oh and getting and iced coffee. Because, it was Tuesday and it just sounded necessary.


Benaiah fell asleep on the way back home, which meant he only got a short cat nap for his second morning nap. Thankfully, he was in a pretty happy mood and once he woke up, we got to work making lunch. He was even happier when dad got home for lunch.


Be still my heart.

Lunch consisted of a large chicken salad + watermelon. Summer weather = summer eating in my opinion.


Once Landon left for work, Benaiah and I got busy in the kitchen whipping up some peanut butter protein bars and finishing laundry.


Benaiah eventually fell asleep around four o’clock for his afternoon nap, while I took advantage of the distraction free hour by working on behind the scenes blog work.


Once Benaiah woke up, Landon came back home and the family was reunited! We enjoyed a lazy easy dinner of roasted potatoes and scrambled eggs before putting Benaiah down for bed.

I spent the rest of the evening working on this post, drinking coffee, before heading to bed early. Early morning runs mean early bed times for this lady!

Questions of the Day

  1. Name three things you did yesterday!
  2. What is your current favorite lunch? (I am totally stuck in a giant salad rut!)
  3. Iced coffee – yay or nay?