Introducing Baby T to the Classics, Snapchat Filter Fun, and The Dishwasher Has My Heart (TOL #40)

Good morning all you lovely people! (I sent this photo to my sister and now I will grace you all with it…) 

I hope your Thursday is off to a great start. I already finished my run/walk and am now ready to make some breakfast…right after we chat of course. 😉

Before we dive into the random Thursday thoughts I share with you all each week, shout out to Amanda for hosting each Thursday! 

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1. If you’ve kept up with the latest blog posts at all, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve moved! One of my favorite features? The dishwasher. Hello beautiful. It’s nice to have you in my life. I never realized how nice it is to have a dishwasher until I went from not having one to having the king of dishwashers in my life (this bad boy is super high tech.) 

2. Something else I’m loving about our move? Around 80% of my errands are within walking distance of me! I see many stroller walks for baby T and I in the upcoming months. 

3. Speaking of baby T, I’m practicing my good mothering skills by introducing this little peanut to the classics, like The Sound of Music. Oh yes, you better believe I’m singing my heart out with Maria. 😉 

4. Latest amusement? Oh snapchat, you’ve outdone yourself. If only my real skin tone looked like this. (For behind the blog scenes >>> follow me at luluruns315) 

5. Since we are mentioning amusing, I’m trying to understand why Christmas stuff is already out!? I mean, I love Christmas, but I’m still waiting for fall the come!

6. Since, I’m so excited about fall (my favorite season to run!!) I’m cooking up my favorite fall foods already. I may need to stop this behavior. I don’t have to be sick of the flavors once it really is fall! 

7. Something else that I’m excited about!? Push-ups. Okay, it’s more like a love/ hate relationship. But, we are making progress. Yesterday, I completed 120. My arms were sore, but woah, I felt alive! *Disclaimer- these were not all done in one set* 


That’s all for now, check back in later today for another new recipe! 

Questions of the Day

  1. Are you on snapchat? 
  2. How often do you included push-ups in your workout? 
  3. Random Thursday thoughts? Share them all!