Injuries: When Days Don’t Go as Planned (Almost Silent Saturday) 

This is the face of someone whose Friday did not go as planned. 

Yesterday morning, I packed myself up, flew down the stairs, and fell off the last step. All my body weight (and baby’s weight!) landed on my left ankle and I ended up rolling it pretty badly. 

I sat on the ground, trying to hold back tears and called Landon. Thankfully, he came to my rescue and carried me up the stairs to our apartment. We were able to immediatley get ice on it, while I tried to get in a comfortable position. 

Let me tell you, at 8 months pregnant and having only one working foot, life looks a lot like a comedy routine. You should see me try to get out of bed. 😉

Oh, some days… 

Thank goodness baby T is totally fine and it’s only my ankle that looks like double its normal size.

Really, I think I was (let’s be honest- am) most upset that I won’t be able to run for a little while. Ehhh…

After getting me as comfortable as possible, Landon went back to work for a few hours and came home early. (!)

A couple hours later, Landon took me out for dinner and the sweet potato fries pretty much made up for my swollen ankle. (Almost)

After getting crutches, we came home and enjoyed a healthy dessert (recipe to come, but I still need to tweak it.) 

We ended the evening with “The Maze Runner,” (anyone else seen this movie?) it was good, but intense!!


Even though my Friday didn’t go as planned, it was still nice. I know things could have been much worse and I am thankful that nothing else happened! 

So, for now, you’ll find me hopping around on crutches and dreaming about running. 

Have a great rest of your Saturday friends! Seize the day. (And run some miles for me!) 

Questions of the Day

  1. Recent injury? Share the details!! 
  2. What are your Saturday plans? 
  3. Have you ever had to use crutches?