I don’t normally pop on here twice in a day anymore, thanks to the little mister, but I wanted to give a quick HAPPY GLOBAL RUNNING DAY to all my readers and fellow runners! This should be a holiday to celebrate right?



Benaiah and I already conquered our morning run (3 miles together) and now I am going to do all things running for the rest of the afternoon, which will probably look like: stretching, hydrating with lots of water, reading my favorite running books, maybe watching a running documentary, and eating some favorite running foods!


As I was sitting here thinking, I realized that I ran my first half marathon, three years ago today! So much has changed since that amazing race and yet a few things remain the same. One of them is my relationship with running.


Running has taught me so much through life and I have only been running for 7 years now. It’s taught me about patience, perseverance, commitment, overcoming fear, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, living balanced, how to best properly fuel my body, and so much more.


Some of my best friends, I have met through running and continue to be a constant support and motivation to me! I have also met so many people through social media and my, NEW running community who I love and inspire me to constantly get out there and chase after my dreams!


I am so thankful for the gift of running and for the blessing of having a healthy body to run, to move, to breathe, to sweat, and to feel pain. It is all part of the process and I am so thankful for these past 7 years of running.


Here’s to many more years of early morning runs, sweaty clothes, piles and piles of shoes, races, lost toenails, protein shakes, foam rolling sessions, running dates with friends, stroller runs, training plans and more!



HAPPY GLOBAL RUNNING DAY- now go out there,  get that run in and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation!

Questions of the Day

  1. How are you celebrating global running day today?
  2. What has running taught you about life?
  3. Have you met friends through running?