Happy Friday + Workouts of the Week 


Hey there and happy FriYay! I don’t know about you guys, but I am quite excited about this weekend. After a full week of work and hospitality, it will be super nice to not have a lot on the schedule this weekend and to take time to slow down and enjoy some family time! 

Also, today is supposed to be 70(!!) degrees. You better believe Benaiah and I are taking advantage of the weather with a long stroller run and a trip to the park! Looking at the forecast, I believe spring is finally here to stay and I really couldn’t be more excited. 

A few weeks ago, I shared my weekly workouts with you guys and I thought I would share this week’s with you all too.

Weekly Workouts

Monday – 2.25 mile run + stretching/ foam rolling and a 5 min arm workout << I used this video.

Tuesday – Ab day! I used these two videos: Ab Crusher + Muffin Top.

Wednesday – 2.25 mile run + stretching + foam rolling.

Thursday – Total body plyometric workout. Loved this workout! 

Friday – Planned 4 mile stroller run outside + stretching + foam rolling

Saturday – Planned upper body day   

I decided to take this week a little easier than usual, thanks to some tight hips. Fortunately, everything is feeling much better and I think it was more of a scare than anything! This week, I really focused on incorporating a lot of deep stretching, slow (and painful!) + foam rolling sessions in order to combat the tightness! I noticed within just a few days how much of a difference, intentional, static stretches help recovery and I’m now realizing I should have been doing these way more frequently. Why does it takes scares for us to learn these things? Or is it just me? 

And with that little soap box moment, I’m headed off for a run! HAPPY FRIDAY and have a fantastic weekend. I’ll catch you all on Monday! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was your favorite workout this week? 
  2. What was your best run like? How did it go? 
  3. Name three things you are doing this weekend!