Happy Birthday Mom!

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Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother! I am so blessed to call her my mom and friend. She has been not only a friend, but my teacher, mentor, coach, confidant, and supporter. I love her laugh and am grateful for the wisdom that she has given to me throughout my entire life.

She has taught me to love the Lord passionately. I am so blessed by my father and her example of daily devotions, prayer, and love for their Savior.

She has taught me to not only like my siblings, but love each one of them and create beautiful friendships with them.

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She taught me how to cook and has prevented many kitchen disasters!


She has helped me learn to love running, even when I didn’t like it. I did decide to run on my own, but I know it was because I watched her run for years before I ran on my own. So thank you mom, for helping me find one of my passions.



So here’s to you mom! Here’s to the late night talks, the many tears of joy and sadness we’ve shared, here’s to the good times and bad times, here’s to the recipes success and failures, here’s to the runs and races that we’ve shared together, here’s to the math problems, long conversations, early morning devotions, phone calls, meal planning, running, and dreams about the future. Thank you for always being there for me, for loving me, praying for me, and encouraging me. I love you.

Happy Birthday.