Halloween Traditions + Running Lately Friday Favorites

Man, I didn’t mean to bail on you guys for the past two days, but I woke up Wednesday morning feeling awful. The kind of awful that makes you want to sleep for an entire day, kind of awful. Since, Wednesday, I’ve been drinking tea, taking vitamins, running a few easy runs, and sleeping a whole lot. (As in Wednesday night I slept 10 HOURS!) Thankfully, I am feeling a whole lot better, which makes this mama very happy. So, happy Friday! Since I wasn’t with you guys for a couple days, I have a couple things to catch you guys up on.

As I anticipate the weekend, I can’t but help but feel thankful. We have a few, fun things planned for Saturday and on Sunday, I am planning on a relaxing day at home. It’s these little things that help me feel rested, rejuvenated and ready for a new week, post-weekend. I am so thankful for a reprieve from the business of the week and having these two days, per week to soak in some family time.

As is the new usual around here, I am going to share with you guys some things that brought a smile to my face this week. I hope you all have an awesome, healthy weekend!




Let’s just take a moment to appreciate my adorable niece. So, my family has always had a Halloween tradition, where we curl up together on the couch, eat our favorite, indulgent foods and watch two movies back to back. I haven’t joined the party since getting married, but this year, Landon, Niah and I decided to join the party! Eating some of our favorite snacks and watching movies as a family, brought me back to many previous Halloween nights and I enjoyed every second of our movie marathon! We decided on watching 47 Meters Down (that shark movie!) and Jurassic World. Both seemed appropriate for Halloween and both left me with an adrenaline high! I enjoyed them both and liked how neither were too terrifying, but had just enough suspense to be fun.

Seasoned Pretzels

In keeping with the Halloween talk for a minute, every year my mom makes the BEST seasoned pretzels for a snack and those little crunchy, salty, ranch flavored pretzels get me every time. They are so simple to make, but dangerously addicting. I purposely haven’t made them around here, because with only Landon and I around (Niah probably wouldn’t eat them), I know I would be eating the majority of the batch 😉 If you guys want though, I can totally share the recipe! Let me know!


Easy Running

The past couple weeks have been all about building my base back up, post-injury and even though my mileage isn’t where I would ideally like it to be, right now, I am just thankful to be out there moooving. I am always reminded, during an injury, how much I take a healthy body for granted. These past week I’ve been running anywhere from 3-5 miles at a time and hoping to pick up the mileage next week. As long as everything still feels good, I will be squeezing in a long run this weekend (probably somewhere 10 miles or under) and testing out the hip flexor on a longer run! Hoping it all goes as planned!

I hope you guys have an awesome Friday and a restful, relaxing weekend. I will be back, full force, next week! Thanks for stopping by the blog today; I will catch you guys on Monday.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is your current highlight this Friday?
  2. Finish the sentence: I am excited for the weekend because __________
  3. Who has a long run this weekend?