Graduation Weekend


Hey there friends and happy Monday from my coffee to yours. I don’t know what it was (okay, maybe I do #craziness) about this weekend, but it literally flew by. I feel like I blinked and we arrived here, Monday morning. And as much as I am a Monday lover (hello, fresh new start!) I am missing the weekend already.

This weekend was the first weekend that actually felt like summer and I am A-Okay with that! We were finally able to swim in my in-laws pool and spend a lot of time soaking in the vitamin D. But more on that below…


Saturday morning, I slept (thanks to Landon) and it felt amazing! Since I woke up early (4:15 am early) on Friday morning to get in my nine mile run (more on that in another post) in, sleeping in until 7:00 on Saturday felt like a million bucks. On top of feeling refreshed, I also did not feel too sore and I was happy that my legs felt pretty good.

After morning cuddles from Landon and Benaiah, I sipped on my coffee and hung out with Niah, while Landon went to play soccer. Normally, we all go as a family, but since we had a my sister in law’s GRADUATION ceremony to get to, I opted to stay home and make sure I was all ready to go when Landon got home.

Not too long after Benaiah went down for his first morning nap, Landon got home, we packed up, woke up Benaiah and headed out the door for the ceremony.


It was a nice ceremony and it was even more fun to be all together as a fam! After the ceremony, we all went out for Chinese and enjoyed a meal together, celebrating not only Nikki’s graduation, but my MIL’s birthday!!


My gorgeous sistas. <3

After we were done eating, we headed back to my in-law’s house to hangout and enjoy some fresh air and the pool!


But first, coffee.



Before we went swimming, Benaiah was introduced to the family cat, Lightening and the introduction seemed to go pretty well. Benaiah was dying to pull Lightening’s tail, but we thought it best to avoid that situation. 😉



He did, however, enjoy pulling Uncle Billy’s hat off and on, multiple times. Thanks, Billy for Benaiah’s free entertainment.


Benaiah also enjoyed shaking hands with Uncle Collin


And learning all about chickens from Uncle Billy. Benaiah’s newest favorite trick is chirping like a chick and seeing chickens in real life made his day!


I think I may have been the only one ready for this picture. 😉 After hanging out with the fan and taking a quick swim, we headed back home for a late dinner of leftover vegan lasagna (I used THIS recipe – so good!) and salad. We ended the evening with a movie and popcorn, because the weekend wouldn’t be the weekend without that, right?



Sunday morning, Landon and I spent time together working out before church and then refueled with our usual protein smoothies. Once we were ready, we left for church and enjoyed a refreshing sermon. You know those sermons you hear that just remind you of how great and gracious God is? Sunday was one of those sermons.

After a great sermon and time fellowshipping with friends over a potluck lunch, we headed back out to our in-law’s for my SIL graduation party!


Muscle shirts for the win!

We hung out with friends, ate a ton of delicious food, played some volleyball and enjoyed mingling with loved ones.


Landon even got me to play volleyball (which is not a favorite sport) and although I wouldn’t say I love the sport, I do love trying new things and making memories. I didn’t take many more pictures through the day, since we were busy partying, but I can assure you, we had a lot of fun!

After a delicious potluck dinner (I guess potluck was a theme on Sunday) of grilled chicken, taco dip, veggies, and fruit, we headed back home and crashed on the couch. I think Landon and I are still getting used to soaking in the sun for long periods of time and it felt good to be so exhausted at the end of the day.

As typical, Landon and I unwound together with devotions, a movie and popcorn before heading to bed!

I hope you guys have a great week and a fabulous Monday! I will catch you all tomorrow!

Questions of the Day

  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you love being in the sun or would you rather stay in the air conditioning?
  3. Volleyball- yay or nay?