Goodbye Wisdom Tooth…

Wow, what a weekend. Rewind to Friday night and I was looking forward to a weekend of no plans and relaxation. haha, best plaid plans, right?

So, Friday night Landon and I spent a couple hours working on a membership site, on my website, for my running clients! It took a while, but we finally got everything up! It’s about 90% done, but I am just happy it is working. After working on the website for a while, I noticed my wisdom tooth started hurting really bad. Really bad, as in severe pain bad. Since it was too late to call my dentist, we spent the rest of the evening trying to get me comfortable and researching where the pain could be coming from. After researching (bless, google) we decided it was infected and I needed to get into a dentist asap. I went to bed that evening really uncomfortable and hoping I could get an appointment, early!


Thank goodness, Saturday morning Landon got me into my dentist and he took a look at the wisdom tooth. Low and behold, Landon and I were right and it was infected (I promise, I do take care of myself!) I didn’t expect him to be able to take my wisdom tooth out, but as he was cleaning out the infection, he asked if I wanted to have it removed. I looked at Landon and Niah and decided to have it out. Not even 10 minutes later, I had one less tooth in my mouth and immediately felt much better.

wisdom tooth2

Siwisdom toothnce our Saturday started off on such a dramatic note, our weekend was less than exciting. My 11 mile scheduled run turned into a movie and ice cream date and I spent the majority of the day resting on the couch with an ice pack on my face. As much as I hoped my weekend and Saturday was different, I am so thankful that I was able to get that tooth out when I did. I would have been so frustrating to miss Thanksgiving or my half marathon, because of an infected wisdom tooth!


I drank some broth and rested most of the day and Landon and I ended our Saturday evening with a cheesy Christmas movie and pints of Halo Top. If you can’t each much of anything, you might as well enjoy your favorite ice cream, yes? Yes.


Sunday morning, I woke up feeling much better. Obviously, I was still sore, but the soreness was a lot more manageable than the pain I experienced on Friday night. I felt good enough to go to church and threw on my newest, favorite dress (you can find it here). After church and fellowship over lunch, we headed back home to rest before heading over to Landon’s parent’s place.

I am not a napper, but apparently, I was in desperate need of more sleep. Landon, Niah and I both slept about an hour, before heading over to see the family. I have decided that naps, when the body needs rest, can be wonderful things.


We spent the rest of our evening hanging with family, I ate some squash (soft foods only please) and more ice cream and we finished off the evening with the newest spider man. Has anyone else seen that? Thoughts?

I apologize for the less than stellar weekend recap, but some weekends, that is just how life goes! I hope you all had a better weekend than I did and an even better Thanksgiving week!


  1. What was your weekend like? Anything exciting or fun?
  2. Wisdom teeth stories?! I want them all! 
  3. If you had to pick two foods to eat during Thanksgiving week or day of, what would it be?