Goals for Fall Running 2017 and A Few Scenes from Yesterday

Hello there friends and happy Tuesday! I thought I would start today off with a few scenes from our Monday and then dive into the ‘meat’ of today’s post with my fall running goals. Sound good? Good.


Benaiah’s new favorite toy is our new, blender’s box. He pushed the box around for 45 minutes yesterday afternoon and thought it was just about the best thing ever.


I was craving some Mexican food, so we made Fajitas for dinner. Fajitas are my favorite because they are virtually effortless and super delicious. Give me Mexican food, any day!

bethany and niah2

Yesterday morning started off with a speedy three miles. Aside from long weekend runs, I think Mondays are my favorite days to run. There’s something that feel extra special about running at the beginning of the week! I think it’s because of bouncing back since a rest day.

All right, let’s get down to fall racing goals >>>


Fall running is my favorite all year and last year, I missed most of it since I was just returning to running, right after having Benaiah. This year, I don’t want to miss out and I have some serious goals I am chasing down. A big part of me wants to run another full marathon this fall, but realistically, I know that for my body, I want to give it a more complete time to recover before diving into another full. So, instead of running a full, I have my sights set on the half marathon. A couple things about the half marathon. I totally love this distance. It is long enough to still be hard and challenging, but it doesn’t kill you like the marathon does. It is also long yet short enough, that I don’t have to put hundreds of hours toward training and it doesn’t have to dominate my life, haaha. This half marathon, I am looking toward breaking my PR (which is 1:50:something). I know that will take some work to get toward, but I know it is totally achievable!


If I want to do a 1:40 to 1:45 for the half marathon, I will have to be keeping a pace anywhere around a 7:37-8:00 min pace, which is pretty fast! I haven’t really been hitting those paces, recently, so I know it will be a stretch. But that’s what goals are right? They should stretch us, scare us a little, and inspire us. And that’s just what breaking my PR does to me.

I know that with the right training, a little faith, and a some solid work, I can get there! So, this fall, I will be chasing down my PR, running faster, and dreaming of that finish line feel!

I can’t wait to see what this training cycle has for me. And as I approach it, I want to make sure that I am giving this training cycle my all, pushing myself past my comfort zone, and glorifying Jesus with this body He has given me!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What are your fall racing/running goals?
  2. Is anyone running the Chicago marathon?
  3. What is your favorite  part of the fall?