Giving it All I Have: Marathon Training Week Eleven Recap

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We have made it to Friday guys! This week has passed in a blur and I am more than ready for the weekend? BUT, I am even more excited about VACATION! Landon and I have our first family (of three) vacation planned and I seriously cannot wait. You know that feeling you get when you are just ready for a break? Like, really ready? That has been me all week long, this vacation couldn’t come at a better time.

Although the week has felt a little long, my running has been a LOT better than last week (which was pretty much non-existent, thanks to my sprained ankle.) Thankfully, my ankle is feeling better, and I am praying that this means I am on the mend!


Off, I took a day of complete rest and enjoyed time with family and friends.



Monday morning, I ran four miles with the stroller and was sooo happy to be running on a happy ankle!


Since I didn’t want to push my ankle, I decided to take Tuesday as a core/glute day and focus on strength training. I looked up a couple of my favorite workout videos on YouTube and worked up a sweat within 30 minutes.



Wednesday morning, I was more nervous for this run than I was for my half marathon. I had eight miles to run, but I didn’t know how my ankle would do. I ran 2 miles without the stroller with Landon and finished the other 6 miles with the stroller. Much to my delight, my ankle felt great and I finished with renewed confidence and a big, cheesy smile on my face.


Thursday = upper body day for me. Instead of using weights, I opted for body weight workouts and felt the burn quickly! I don’t know if it is just me, but arm days always feel like my longest workout of the week. Anyone else feel like this?


I have a four mile run today and I will finish off with some hip work!




16 mile group run (as long as the ankle holds out!)


Total mileage: 32 miles (I am starting to get into my happy mileage – I love running in the 30s!)



As I reflect back on what I am learning through this injury, one of the biggest thing I’ve learned is that I need to do what I can do and trust the Lord that His plan is good.

Wednesday morning, when I ran 8 miles, at the beginning, I was doubtful I would even make it to four. I felt discouraged and frustrated that I had this setback. But, as I continued to run, mile after mile, I remembered that I can only give and do my best and leave the rest in God’s hands, trusting that He will give me the strength I need.

As I look forward to the upcoming training, I am going to give it everything I have and then leave the results Jesus, knowing He has everything in control! We can only do so much and trust that in the end, He is good and has it in the bag.

half 9

Through marathon training, I’m learning that I have to give it everything I have, I have to put in the effort, the sweat, the early mornings and make the sacrifices for the goal I am chasing, but at the end of the day, I can only do so much.

And you know what? It is okay.

Whatever the result of all of this training, the injury, and the race, I will know that I have done my part and leave the results to who is in control.

I am a really good worrier, but today, I am choosing not to be. I am choosing to enjoy each run, regardless of how it goes, because I have legs that can run, a healthy body and a goals ahead of me. Yes, it may not go as planned (or it may) and either way, it will be okay.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is your run today?
  2. Are you training for anything?
  3. Fill me in! What are your weekend plans?