Friday Scenes and an Important Question 

Happy Saturday friends! I hope your weekend is starting off on a great note. I wanted to pop in really quick and update you all on my life in the past 24 hours, since you all are dying to know 😉 

Friday my sister and mom came to hang out with me!! After chatting for a while, we walked to a local bakery that gives away free donuts on Fridays. I don’t know if there is a better way to celebrate Friday’s. 

Oh wait, yes, I do. Free bagels would even be better.

So, here’s my important question? What do you like better- donuts or bagels?? I’m convinced they need to give away free donuts and bagels. That’d be great. 


When Landon came home we were all ready to go out for dinner, until we realized that that required actually leaving the house. 😉 (are we getting old already!?)

So, instead, we took some awesome selfies 

Can’t even handle this one 

And decided ordering pizza in sounded 10000x better than actually going out of the house. 

It was a good decision. That crust was so thick, ahh, deliciousness. 

After enjoying a good amount of pizza, we watched a movie (most of a movie…) before deciding to crash in bed. 

Apparently, we are old. 

I’m off to celebrate my last shower and drink another mug of coffee- it is necessary today. 😉 

Make today great, let’s talk Monday, okay? 

Questions of the Day

  1. If you had to choose, what would you pick bagels or donuts?
  2. Favorite kind of pizza crust? Thick or thin? 
  3. What are you doing on this glorious Saturday?