Friday Favorites (from the week) and Fitness Updates

 Wow. Hello friends, I am still alive. This week was a little crazy and I was a bad blogger. When those two ingredients are mixed together, it means that no post were added! Next week, I’ll be better, promise.

Let’s back up and I’ll try to briefly recap with a few pictures from last week.

Resurrection Sunday was wonderful! I spent it celebrating our risen Lord with my favorite people. My family, my special someone (I’ll share our story soon!), and his family. We celebrated with two Easter services and lots of singing.

One of my favorite pictures from the day. Thank you Mr. T!

Grandma also captured an awesome action shot.

Please notice: He has such good posture, as apposed to me, who is standing in all different directions. (HA)

After eating and playing board games together, Landon drove me home and we finished the day out by praying together. The rest of the week has been a little bit of a blur, but I will share some of my favorite pictures from the week!

Coffee seemed like a necessary thing this week. Not only coffee, but a lot of it as well.

Devotions. His word is rich. I also filled up another journal.

Our friends from Tennessee came up again! Aren’t these two adorable?

Lots of running also took place this week. The weather has been lovely. Everything about my runs have been good this week, except my knee has been acting up. Any thoughts on the best way to prevent further injury?

Also, tomorrow I have my annual 5k! I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures to share with you guys.

Another fun picture from the week? Watching a storm front roll in. Little did I know that this storm I was watching, would produce two massive tornadoes! I am thankful for the Lord’s protection and sparing us from injury.

See the funnel starting to form?

Well that’s all for today folks, I am off to finish taxes and help with a business meeting tonight.

Catch you all tomorrow!

“The LORD’S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. “

{Lamentations 3:22-23}