Friday Favorites

Oh hey there friend and happy Friday! This week has been an odd mixture of seemingly slow days that all blur together, except part of me is surprised we’ve already arrived at Friday. And if you can tell by that first sentence, I need a cup of coffee. So hold on one second.

mmmM, much better.


Where were we? Oh right, Friday! I’m so happy to be on the brink of the weekend and I am more than ready for a weekend of relaxation and fun. I think we are celebration my SIL birthday on Saturday and maybe going to a soccer game. Other than that, I think I will be cozied up with coffee, getting some work/house projects done and creating moments with my boys. Side note, but I’ve just realized, over the past couple months, how important moments and memories are to me. When Landon and I got married (even before) we started talking about the 5 love languages and what we thought ours/each others were. I always used to think I was a physical touch/quality time person, but lately, I think I lean toward moments (And I know that isn’t one of the five, haha). But, I love doing simple things, like walking around the block or sipping on coffee or visiting our favorite restaurant and creating memories/moments. > Those are my favorite. So, anyways, hoping to create some of those this weekend!

Onto a few highlights from the week!


Mid-Week Long Run

Tuesday, I went for a run and planned to go seven (maybe five) depending on how I felt. As I started running, I ended up feeling amazing and decided to keep running until I felt like I wanted to stop. (I ended at 10 miles for the day) And it felt so good to be able to run and just run for the sake of running. (How many times can I say run in a sentence?) Years ago, I would have run because I felt like I ‘had’ to or I would have run because I knew I would feel an immense amount of guilt for taking a rest day. It is so glorious and freeing to live with freedom and to run because it brings me joy.

Three Day Hair

Guys, I was that girl who could never go a single DAY without washing her hair and now I can go three to four days without washing? Who even is this? Thankful to have this new hair line and biz that I can have clean feeling/looking hair without taking the time to actually wash it. If you are a mom, you know how precious those 30 minutes or so can be! Any way that I can save time, I will!

niah niah

Benaiah’s new words

Recently, Benaiah’s vocabulary has been taking off and he is saying so many new words! My newest, favorite: RUN. I’ll leave that right there.


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is your current favorite highlight?
  2. Dry shampoo lovers? Yes or No?
  3. How often do you run during the week?




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