New Candles and Fall is Finally Here: Friday Favorites

We’ve made it to Friday! Let’s take a moment to rejoice! I am especially excited about this weekend, because we have ZERO plans on the agenda. After a few busy and exhausting (but fun!) weekends, I am ready for some hard core rest and quality time as a family. I’m also very excited about the cooler temperatures that are finally coming our way after a very unusual heat wave the past week and a half. Bring on all the fall weather, sweaters, and pumpkin everything!

Here are a few highlights from our week that didn’t make it on the blog, yet.

Fall Candles


My all time favorite season is fall. And I love everything about it. I am so excited that we finally have fall weather, around here, and I am even more excited about these deliciously smelling candles. Last weekend, at our annual fall festival (where the temperature was a blazing 90 degrees!?) I picked up two of these handmade, soy candles from a local vendor. Guys, the caramelized pralines literally smells like you could eat it. I am looking forward to burning these sweet scents this fall season. I don’t know about you, but there is something so cozy feeling about candles, fresh air, and warm dinners. MMM.

Protein Powder Package


Note: I am an ambassador for Designer Protein and all my thoughts are opinions are my own. The best mail is happy mail right? I received this package of protein products on Tuesday and it made my day! I love getting new batches of my all time, favorite protein. Do you see that Vanilla Coconut flavor? Okay, that one is THE BEST FLAVOR EVER. Literally, it is so good and I think it makes my shakes taste like ice cream. Win, win in my book. Currently, I am digging 1 Scoop of Vanilla coconut + almond milk + almond butter + cocoa powder + spinach + 1 large frozen banana combo. So delicious. If you want to try Designer Protein out – make sure to use my code (BETHANY20) for 20% off your order!

Benaiah’s Obsession wit Peanut Butter Toast


I think Benaiah takes after his mama with at least my tendency to get into breakfast ruts. Every single morning, ‘asks’ (and by asks, I mean I suggest it and he cheers for it – so maybe I am responsible for this obsession 😉 ) for peanut butter and honey toast. He shouts for joy when I pull down the toaster and usually can’t sit still long enough to actually let the bread toast. Most of the time, he eats warm bread and peanut butter. As much as I loved being his sole provider of nutrients, watching him expand his taste buds and try new foods brings me such joy too!


Mini Dates

Recently, Landon and I have had quite a few ‘mini’ dates and I am loving the extra one on one time we have together. I feel like we are finally at that point, where I can super comfortably leave Benaiah with his sitter (the family) and know that he will enjoy himself, be able to eat whatever, and sleep well. It took us a long time to get to that point (first child problems!) but I can safely say, I know look forward to time away with Landon, knowing Niah will be having fun too. Last week, Landon and I went out for a mini ice cream date, a wedding reception another night, and last Tuesday we went for a late night (my sister was over spending the night so she watched Niah) run. I didn’t realize how much I missed quiet dates, just the two of us together, until recently. Landon, you are quite the great date!


I hope you guys have a wonderful upcoming weekend! As usual, I will be back Monday with a full weekend recap. Thanks for stopping by Lulu Runs today.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is a current favorite of your week?
  2. What are your weekend plans?
  3. Does anyone have a race this weekend?