Fitness Friday III



Welcome back to the party! Let’s see what was going on in the fitness department this week!

Week of January 18th- January 25th:

Saturday: 4 mile run (I split my long run between two days because of my shins) (AF) night routine (PM)

Sunday: 3 mile run (AM) Night routine (PM)

Monday: 3 mile run (AM) Night routine (PM)

Tuesday: Rest and Night routine (PM)

Wednesday: 3 mile speed training, circuit workout, abs and arms (AM) Night routine (PM)

Thursday: Weights, Abs, Arms (AM)

Friday: 3 mile run (Early early AM) Night routine (PM)

Saturday: 5 Mile run (AM) Night routine (PM)

Sunday: Lifting, abs, stretching (AF) Night routine (PM)

As you can see, I am doing mostly running with a little weights and cross training. I am so thankful my shins have felt better so that I am able to do this type of regime during the week! Let’s take a look at the highlights now and low lights.

 What went right:

1. Running a lot. Feels so good to be running as much as I am now (post-injury.)

2. Running outside this past weekend! Hooray! 🙂

3. PR’d on weights


What went ‘wrong’:

1. Last Saturday, I had to cut my long run short because of my shins. They weren’t in serious pain, but I know my body well enough- I didn’t want to push it.

2. Missed my night routine Thursday night. Oh well, not too worried about that.

All in all, in the fitness category, it was a solid week!

What about you?

Comment below, and let me know what your favorite workout of the week was!