Fitness Friday I


Welcome to fitness Friday, this is the time when I am honest and share what I did (or did not do) for my workout plan for the week.

Let’s rewind and take a look at what I was able to accomplish..


Saturday: 5 am, 3 mile run and weights. I unleashed the beast that morning.

Sunday: Rest day spent with my family and church friends

Monday: Five mile run, abs, and stretching

Tuesday: Cross training (weights and abs)

Wednesday: Three mile run and arms

Thursday: Light cross training (weights, abs, arms, and stretching)

Friday: Five mile run (weights, abs, arms, stretching)

Saturday: Either rest day or cross training

Sunday: Long run day! (Favorite and hopefully outside!)

This is where the honesty kicks in: What I could have done better.

1. A few less sweets: They are still haunting me since Christmas. My skin clarity has told me that I need to stop sneaking into the cookie jar..darn it.

2. More intense cross training: Because of the weather, I haven’t been able to go to my gym. Thankfully, we have a home gym, but I need to buy some heavier weights…

3. Brave the cold and run outside: This one is just because I am a wimp sometimes.


What did you guys do this week?