First Pediatrian Visit and My Plates Look at Lot Different These Days (WIAW 9/6)

We are still alive! (Mom win!) Being at home has proven to be wonderful and we are loving it. Hospital life = lots of interruptions, which means 0 sleep. 

Thankfully, these last few days we’ve been savoring time together as a family of three and even getting a few hours of sleep here and there.


Thank goodness for coffee. Can I get an amen? 

So, yesterday, I got a few pictures of my eats, but not everything. You’ll just have to imagine the rest- okay? 

Rewinding to yesterday >>>

Life around here has turned completely upside down. Monday night, I slept for approximately uninterrupted 2 hours, with sporadic naps here and there. 

Two hours of sleep is no fun, but this kid is so worth it.

Breakfast (?) happened at 11 and I didn’t even have to cook it. (Thanks babe!) I was too hungry to remember, but I should have gotten a picture because it was fabulous. 

Breakfast: Egg/veggie scramble + fruit + 1/2 bagel. 💙 Landon is a great breakfast maker. 

We will just pretend this is the bagel I ate yesterday, okay? Okay. 

After eating breakfast, I sat down to blog while Benaiah took a mid-morning nap. (Missed yesterday’s post- check here!) 

Before we knew it, it was time to head out of the house (first time out as a family!) and we left for Benaiah’s first pediatrician visit. 

He seems to like his car seat. 

Our appointment went super well and he even gained an ounce since we left the hospital.

What a stud. 

Just like his dad. 😉 

Since I nursed him there, he was passed out once we got home, which meant nap time for mommy.

I just realized that I can sleep on my stomach again and I was quite  excited about that. 

Finally, after my nap and cleaning, I decided I should probably have lunch (at 4pm? / Our meal times out so messed up.) 

Enter snack plate. Apple + green pepper + hummus + nuts. Plus a little leftover ramen/cabbage salad on the side. My plates look a lot different these days.  

Followed by another cup of coffee and a square of dark chocolate. Landon bought me dark chocolate and roses after Benaiah’s birth. Can you say precious? He is seriously the best and he knows what I like. 😉 

After lunch, Benaiah slept even more while I took another 45 min nap. It felt glorious. Thanks buddy! 

Post nap shenanigans? Feeding Benaiah, newborn snuggles (my favorite), and MY FIRST POST BABY WORKOUT. Okay, more like stretching, but we are getting somewhere. I’ve giving myself lots of grace when it comes to getting back intro running shape, but even doing a little something feels so good. More on post-pardum fitness goals Friday!

After a few nursing sessions Landon  and I ate a late dinner. He made me a turkey sandwich, followed by some grapes and a clementine. 

And that’s what life latley has been looking like over here, lots of coffee, grace, and a whole lot of love.

Catch you all later, we will talk soon, okay? 

Questions of the Day 

  1. How do you adjust to new schedules?
  2. Are you a napper?
  3. What was the best thing you ate yesterday!?