Fireworks, Family Time, and Naps (Weekend Recap 6/27)

Good morning and happy Monday friends. Is it just me, or do you get excited about Mondays? I love a fresh start to the week- I always write out all my goals and I plan out all my meals and workouts. There’s something about the newness of the week that inspires me.

Monday’s also inspire me to drink chocolate shakes for breakfast.

Banana chocolate protein shakes that is. 😉

Currently, I’m sitting here, soaking in the air conditioning, drinking my coffee, and reflecting on the weekend. After two back to back, packed weekends, this relaxing weekend was wonderful.

Landon and I celebrated Saturday with our fairly new tradition of soccer playing and trail running.

After my run, I watched Landon finish up his soccer game and stretched in the shade.

Shade + breeze = Amazing.

Once we got home, Landon and I refueled with protein smoothies, I ran errands, we worked on laundry, and I cleaned the house.

This weekend I painted my toes and at 31 weeks pregnant, I now feel on top of the world. Freshly painted toes = happiness.

Saturday evening, Landon and I went out to my Aunt and Uncles’ and celebrated the Fourth of July a little early. My Aunt and Uncle host an annual Fourth of July party, complete with games, food (Notice the picture below!), and fireworks.

While eating, Emily found the perfect dorito.

I was super excited to see my moms homemade caramel corn at the potluck. Why do moms always make the best food?

After eating and game playing, we waited for the sun to set so we could enjoy these bad boys:

My cousin is a licensed pyrotechnic and this was literally the best fireworks I’ve ever seen. Thanks Danny!

(Please ignore the awkward running shirt tan line.)

Sunday morning consisted of: protein smoothies, coffee, and church. After church, Landon and I relaxed, rested, napped, and relaxed some more. 😉 (Also known as, we layed around all day.)

Sometimes, when I spend a day relaxing, I feel bad that I’m not doing more than just resting, but yesterday, it was so needed.

After a couple hours of doing nothing but chatting, napping, and working on some house projects, I whipped up a quick dinner of beef brisket, corn on the cob, and a salad.

Fun fact? This salad was from our garden!

After dinner, we took a two mile walk, watched “War Room,” and enjoyed some healthy pie.

All in all, this weekend was perfect. It was a great balance of time spent with others and time spent together.

I’m off for now, check back in later for a new dinner recipe!

Questions of the Day: 

1. What did your weekend look like? 

2. Do you ever take naps? 

3. Are you a Monday lover?