My TOP FIVE Favorite Summer Running Finds 

Summer Running Finds

When I was running yesterday morning I could sense summer in the air. This week’s forecast is predicting eighty degree weather and I am A Okay with that! I mean, eighty degree days usually mean that at five or six am (that’s my running happy hour) the weather is PERFECT.

However, summer running isn’t always ideal. I’ve run countless run is super hot temperatures and once, on our honeymoon actually, Landon and I ran in 113 degree temps. That was NOT fun.

A few ways to stay motivated to run during the super hot and humid months is by making sure you are wearing the right gear, fueling well, and running at the right times. Running in the middle of the day (anywhere from 11-3) will be a lot harder than if you run either in the early mornings or the early evenings. I prefer to run in the morning, in order to beat the heat, and I am all about dressing properly, hydrating, and finding the routes with the most shade!

Just recently, I found a few new running accessories/ apparel that I’ve been LOVING and wanted to share with you. If you are like me anything that makes hot runs easier is a win in my book. 😉


These Oiselle Roga running shorts are perfect for summer running because they are light, airy, and super comfortable! I do not forsee any chafing with these shorts and these may just be part of my marathon outfit. I’ll be honest, these weren’t super cheap, but they are quality made and worth every single penny! Running in light gear, (NO COTTON) makes running in the summer a lot more doable and 2904x more enjoyable.


I absolutely adore this Alex bottle that I received from Designer Protein (thank you!) One of the best parts about this water bottle is that it is collapsible (say what!?) and it can easily be taken apart, cleaned, stored, and transported. While it isn’t a water bottle to carry on the run, it is perfect for post-run hydration because it keeps water super cold. Hydration is super important and I love drinking out of fun water bottles


Another fun pair of shorts, I’ve recently fallen in love with are these amazing Brooks Chaser 5″ running shorts. They do come in 3″, but I prefer to have a little more leg covered. I love the flattering design these shorts come with, how comfortable they are, are again, how lightweight they are designed. I loved them every single time I’ve run with them and am convinced I need about 4 more pairs. 😉


Another running wearable find that I snagged recently, was this Brooks running tank (not the tank in the photo below…) top! I love running tanks, but have a hard time finding ones that fit well. I was not disappointed with this tank and love the fit, color, feel, and style. It is lightweight, but stays in place and covers enough skin! Perfect for those warm summer runs!


Strava running is a new to me app and I love it! It’s almost like Facebook for runner’s and connects you with other runners around your area! You can follow other running friends and see what their run was like, along with tracking your own run, distance, pace, calories burned, route, and more. I absolutely adore my Garmin, but since it broke, I’m enjoying this app until I buy a new one!


I hope these finds help you conquer your summer running and keep you hydrated, cool, comfortable – and let’s be honest, stylish 😉

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Questions of the Day

  1. What are you top ways to stay cool in the summer?
  2. What is your current favorite running brand?
  3. What shoes are you running in right now?